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Unleash the Power of Social Media, Increase Your Influence

- December 16, 2010 - 1 Comment

At Cisco Partner Velocity last week, the Channels blog caught up with David Nour–author of the book “Relationship Economics,” speaker, and Managing Partner of The Nour Group.

In his keynote at the event, Nour covered ways to “unleash the power of social media,” but not just by getting more followers, collecting more friends, and increasing page views on your blog. Turns out, social media success is all about building relationships and influence where ROI stands for “return on influence.”

Check out this interview with Nour to find out his favorite social media tools, ways to gain trust, and how to increase your influence.

What other tips did Nour offer during his keynote? Read on to find out…

Nour offered tons of great tips and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Use LinkedIn‘s search by zipcode feature, email someone you’d like to get to know, and offer to buy them a cup of coffee to take 15 minutes to get to know them better. (And the key there is to not try to sell them something, just to get to know them thereby building relationship and trust.)
  • When you post video, don’t just use You Tube. There are more than 50 video sites out there you can leverage.
  • Use Search Cloudlets on Firefox to reveal the most relevant information on your search term.
  • Use and post your presentations there, then link that to your LinkedIn account. Nour says buyers want to learn about your role and adding SlideShare presentations gives them a good sense of what you do and what you know.

Finally, one of the big a-ha statements Nour made was this: “When you influence the conversation, you influence the relationship, if you influence the relationship, you influence the outcome.”

What do you think of what Nour said? Do you agree?


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  1. Excellent article and really good tips from Nour. He has given a whole new meaning to the term "ROI". Regards