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Top Cisco Partner Headlines: New Tools for 2012, Innovations, Bulletproof Networks, and More!

- February 7, 2012 - 0 Comments

Know it, use it, sell it. That’s going to be my new motto this year. The idea behind this credo is that before you sell a product, you have to know the product inside out and use it day-to-day–only then can you truly understand what your customers need and want.

In this episode of Partner Update, we learn how one Cisco partner fully embraces this motto in its hosted UCS practice and how this is impacting their sales.

We also cover Cisco switching innovations, a new ad campaign to reach customers, a pop quiz, partner tools for success in 2012, powering up connected grids, building a bulletproof networks for gamers, how to rock the Cius, and more.

Tune in and get all of your Cisco partner news, in less than five short minutes.

For a full transcript of what we covered, including links and time stamps so you can easily find information, keep reading. 

Know It, Use It, Sell It: One Partners’ Journey with HCS

Cisco partner Nexus IS lives by that motto and recently participated in Neutral Tandem’s Hosted Collaboration Solution proof-of-concept trial. Before selling solutions to customers, Nexus wanted to make sure fully understood and embraced Cisco HCS before they made this offering available to their customers.

Learn about Nexus IS’ journey with HCS and how you can increase revenue opportunities by going the wholesaler route with Neutral Tandem. And read Neutral Tandem’s story as a wholesaler, too.

Built for the Network: Built by Cisco Partners

Have you heard about Cisco’s new Built for the Network campaign? This campaign is a series of success stories that showcases the power of Cisco and its partners. We’ll be rolling the new videos and ads out to customers via television, print, digital, mobile and social media.

And if you have your own success story that you would like to share, feel free to post it on the Channels blog or drop Amanda Jobbins, VP of Global Partner Marketing, a line on Twitter. We could be showing off your innovations to customers in the next media blitz.

Switching News! 10, 40, 100 Gigabit over Ethernet

Cisco is leading in switching innovation by supporting 100, 40, and 10 Gigabit over Ethernet (GE) for Cisco Nexus and Catalyst switches. These advancements are fully scalable, intelligent, and cloud-ready—and apply to the campus and data center.

But what’s in it for partners? This helps partners lead with innovations delivering real business value – with investment protection for their customers. It also helps partners capture more deals and greater share of wallet through real differentiation. The list goes on and on so visit this link to learn more.

Pop Quiz! Why Cisco for the Branch Office?

If you were building a network for your customer would you:
A) build one with poor performance, inadequate security, lack of application visibility, and complex management?
B) build a network that’s efficient, easy to set up, and doesn’t take up too much space in the closet? or
C) Take a break and worry about it later?

If you chose B, you’re exactly right! Get all the details on why Cisco is the best choice when it comes to selecting a vendor, then check out our new whitepaper, The Branch Office: Why Cisco, Not Juniper.

Power up Your Profits with Connected Grid

Are you looking to power up your profits in 2012? Well, the newly expanded Connected Grid portfolio of solutions and services can help you do just that. With the Connected Grid portfolio, you can offer customers the end-to-end intelligence they need to update the world’s electrical grids.

Want to get in on the action? Head to this link to learn more about Connected Grid.

Building Bulletproof Networks for Gamers

While we know Cisco partners are doing amazing work with customers, it’s nice when we hear directly from customers just how partners making magic happen. En Masse Entertainment turned to Cisco partner MTM Technologies to build a bulletproof network infrastructure to support its highly anticipated new online role playing game TERA.

Read all about TERA, MTM, and En Mass — and catch the customer interview here.

Rock Your Cius!

Are you ready to rock your Cius? Then join the Collaboration team on February 15 for a live video broadcast where they’ll demonstrate the Cius. During the broadcast, presenters will define the customer profile and sweet spot, articulate the value for customers and you, and share how you can differentiate yourself with Cius. Register today.

Tweet of the Week!

Our tweet this week brings in a little hip hop flavor…

ANS Group tweets:
99 problems but a #switch ain’t one! #ANS replace core network at #nhs kingston with #cisco #nexus #datacentre

We couldn’t cover all the news in five minutes, but here are a few more headlines of note.

Cool Tools for Success in 2012
Want to shorten time to market, increase profits, and deploy the best solutions for customers? Of course you do! We have two free resources available to all Cisco registered partners to ensure you achieve success in 2012.

First we have Steps to Success. This tool outlines and supports each step of a successful customer engagement with methodologies, questionnaires, templates, and resources.

Next, we have Partner Practice Builder. This tool is your online “virtual consultant” assisting you in building a new Cisco practice, creating a business plan from the ground up or simply supporting something you’re already doing. Read about both of these tools and how to use them.

Validated Solutions at Your Fingertips with SMART Designs
We all want to work smarter, not harder don’t we? Of course. So, be sure to check out Cisco SMART Designs. Smart Designs allow you to build your customer’s network without the guesswork. You no longer have to start from scratch when you’ve got a portfolio of validated and replicable network solutions at your fingertips.

Free WebEx Access for Cisco Partners
Speaking about ways to be more productive, how awesome would it be if you could hold online meetings from your kid’s soccer game? Now that Cisco WebEx Meetings beta is available to Cisco partners for free, you can do just that. Whether you need to present slides to your team or access collaborative documents, using WebEx Meetings ensures that productivity doesn’t decrease even when you can’t be in the office. Find out how to get free access to WebEx Meetings.

That’s all for now. Send us your news items and they could be featured in our next Partner Update. And, until then…you stay classy, partners.


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