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The Worst Internship Ever…Not at Cisco!

- August 27, 2010 - 4 Comments

Fetching coffee for rude executives, making endless photocopies, getting lost amid a sea of cubicles—sounds like a nightmare internship, right?

Many college students spend their summers doing just that, but at Cisco, we see interns as the future of our workforce, as well as an integral part of the talent pipeline. By interning, students learn vital job skills before they graduate and enter the job market, and companies get a chance to mold the next generation.

Our very own intern, and perhaps Hollywood star in the making, Harun Abdi, is a student at Santa Clara University and a Students Rising Above scholarship recipient who is currently working as an intern in Cisco’s WW Partner Marketing Organization.

Harun has spent the past summer working on a number of different tasks (no fetching coffee or being subservient to demanding executives for him, despite what you saw in the video). Here’s a bit more about Harun and the work he did:

During his internship, Harun juggled various job responsibilities: He evaluated various internal Cisco websites and put together a PowerPoint identifying outdated content; he ran WebEx meetings and teleconferences; and he also helped coordinate an internal fundraising effort to support Students Rising Above. (Students Rising Above is dedicated to helping extraordinary, low-income San Francisco Bay Area high school students overcome tremendous odds of poverty, homelessness, and neglect to fulfill their dreams of a receiving a college education. Students Rising Above provides students with various means of support, including educational resources, college-readiness seminars, financial support, and access to student advisors.)

So how did Harun feel about interning this summer at Cisco? “Interning at Cisco is a great accomplishment, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will help me build my career. This internship will open many doors for me in the future,” he says.

He also noted that the work environment was very welcoming: “I enjoyed the people more than anything, the employees are very easy to work with and so down to earth, very different than what I expected from a corporate world. I would definitely work at Cisco if the opportunity was presented.”

Set Up Your Own Intern Program

Looking to harness the enthusiasm and creativity of an intern at your company? If you don’t have an internship program in place, this Slideshare presentation offers four tips for creating a program that’s world-class.


If you’d like to learn more about Cisco’s internships visit our Graduate Career and Internships page. And, visit Students Rising Above to learn more about how to work with and support students and hire your own interns.

And our thanks to Harun: Not only was he game to star in our video production, but he helped out our group enormously this summer, and we’re grateful for his involvement.

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  1. Do many of you interns go on to take full time positions with Cisco?

  2. Ah...the endless walls of cubicle, I remember my first job and it too took me a while my cubicle on the first day.

  3. Yes I too did my time in corporate internship at PWC and felt positive about the experience. I'm sure it is different in different places but I was fortunate. Sounds like Harun was as well.

  4. That was a pretty entertaining video. I have heard of internships that were even worse then what was show. That looked like a walk in the park.