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The Most Interesting Member of the Cisco Channels Crew

- June 25, 2010 - 19 Comments

We enjoyed Greg’s “The World’s Most Interesting Intern” video so much that we decided, not only to challenge his rap skills, but to make our own video to introduce the newest addition to our staff.

Meet Andrew Phillips: “The World’s Most Interesting Member of the Cisco Channels Crew!”

He’s joining the Cisco Channels team to help create videos, edit, and use his musical talents as well. See for yourself in his Cisco rap debut video:


Wouldn’t it be great to form a super Cisco rap crew featuring Andrew and Greg? Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewJohnP and be sure to watch out for him in upcoming videos.

And, read on to catch the lyrics to his rap:

It’s a shout out to my boy Greg. You know how we do, baby.

Ain’t nothin’ but love here man. Not tryin’ to ‘dis yo video at all. I think we should form a rap team. That’s what I’m sayin’, dude. Comeon…let’s do it.



Come on, man, let’s form a little rap crew.

I work for Cisco, and so do you.

I think we could really make a great team.

I know you really wanna work with me.


Man, I’m not trying to disgrace you.

I’m just jealous I ain’t part of your Cisco rap crew.

I’ve been livin’ in the Bay since day one.

We should partner up and make a rap together, son.

I’m also courteous and affable.

and hey my badge is ALSO retractable.

Sure, I may not be as tall as you.

But, I’m down with giraffes, too.

I ain’t good at playing basketball.

But, hey man…I’ll cheer you on while I’m making a call.

When I spit rhymes, I’m also in it to win.

And, I know all the same little acronyms.

There’s two things you should know about ME.

I wear a black suit and I rep the Burberry.

People be lookin’ at me so fresh, so clean,

They be shocked when they find out I’m only 23.

These are just a few reasons why I think we should make a team.

Cuz, I know we could blow up the Cisco Scene.

Whatchu say, man? Let’s give it a chance.

Roll with me and I think we could really advance.


(MUSIC by Andrew Phillips with samples of Crepuscolo Sul Mare – Piero Umiliani)

Who else wants to join the rap crew?

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  1. Don't love rap, but this is nice!

  2. I just love what you & Greg have done. I need to start a I [heart] Cisco Interns"" fan club!"

  3. idea to include a short ‘Rap-melody’ of our Offer with our Bids/Proposals/Tenders sent to the Customers. This will then us a Competitive edge in the Jungles of Juniper-‘uawei-ALCUs’ etc.. !!!

  4. Andrew, re writing the rules one rhyme at a time! Just had to throw in a Partner Summit reference...nice work!

  5. Love it!

  6. Excellent... very clever. I like it.

  7. Thanks, everyone. Can't wait to see Andrew and Greg collaborate on their next rap. There are more videos in this rap competition yet! The coolest department and LaSandra's rap video about video.Who's next?"

  8. I watched this after one by G, can't stop thinking this was better ;) Cisco has rappers too now...

  9. When can we get the next video posted? I have been waiting all weekend! LoL, it keeps the day going and more interesting.

  10. Andrew, re-writing the rules one rhyme at a time! Just had to throw in a Partner Summit reference...nice work!

  11. Nice beat Andrew! I'm diggin' this - Can't wait to see you guys in action together! ;-)

  12. Hi Andrew,Nice first rap video, however, both you and Greg will need to step-up your games in order to compete with rap virtuoso and Cisco rap video star, Mix Master Mitch:Cisco Catalyst 6509 NetFlow Rap Cisco NetFlow Rap more Andrew and Greg, not bad for first-time rap newbies, but you’re both going to need to step-up your games in order to take on your Cisco rap competition!Sincerely,Brad Reese

  13. LOL, I don't blame you for tryin' kinda got some flow.OK, I'm officially putting in my resume to Cisco

  14. This is SO great!!! Andrew, you got my vote!!

  15. And let the RAP battle begin!

  16. This one is better Lang! No one dies! :)

  17. Well it isn't the Tupak and Biggie battle, but it was hysterical. Nice work gentlemen.

  18. I SEE YOU ANDREW...collab may be necessary in future posts..Great stuff. Glad that you, too, are down with giraffes..

  19. this is awesome!Andrew is not just The World’s Most Interesting Member of Cisco""he is the most interesting member of the planet earth!LOL!"