There is no question that having ultimate flexibility in everything we do these days is almost considered standard issue now. For instance, I love to binge watch television series together with my kids. As teenagers, this is how they expect to consume content. We can dictate the terms of when, where, and how we watch. The other benefit is that I can subscribe to a number of different content providers, and have unlimited access to thousands of different options – my kids prefer YouTube, and I prefer Amazon. Once the Star Wars library is available for online streaming, life will never be the same in our house again. It’s the ultimate flexibility.

We’ve become accustomed to on-demand, subscription-based consumption in our personal lives. But just imagine if businesses had this same flexibility, not only from OPEX perspective, but from a delivery perspective, too.

This is where the Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription offer comes in. Now, enterprises can realize on-demand and pay-as-you-go plans for hardware, software and services through cloud computing and cloud services. And, since every workload doesn’t live in the cloud, customers can get that kind of flexibility on-premise, as well. Both customers and partners win with this new, added flexibility.

Introducing Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription

To help customers stay on top of hardware and software innovations when they are ready, Cisco is launching a Nexus Full Stack Subscription offer. This provides flexible payment options, including hardware, software and support, all in one invoice. Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription is currently available for Nexus 9K (NX-OS & ACI) with an initial rollout in the United States, and future plans to roll out globally.

Building on Cisco’s software subscription model, this new offer now extends the same benefits to our latest hardware offerings, including software and support with flexible, customer-friendly terms.

Today’s customers want options on how to consume technology infrastructure and services, and Cisco is delivering. From a more traditional buying model with our Enterprise Agreements, a strictly software subscription, and now our new Nexus Full Stack Subscription offer that includes the hardware and the software – it’s  all about flexibility and choice.

Key benefits include:

  • A single subscription invoice
  • Same terms for hardware, software, and support
  • Consistent lifecycle
  • Predictable access to product innovations with hardware and software refresh cycles

Partners are Embracing Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription

The full stack subscription approach will make it easier for partners to sell, manage, and renew offers for your customers, saving significant time.

Vinu Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, of Presidio, says “As a premier provider of digital transformation solution, Presidio, together with Cisco, are enabling customers to build secure digital infrastructure. The newly introduced Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription, the industry’s leading networking subscription offer, enables customers to innovate faster at a much lower cost by purchasing hardware at the speed and flexibility of subscribing to software.  This is yet another example of how Cisco is staying ahead of major market transitions to empower customers.”

According to Jon Duren, Practice Manager for WWT, “Enterprise customers need to be able to anticipate and respond to the changing demands of both their users and their organization’s infrastructure in real time. The Cisco Nexus Full Stack Subscription, provides predictable access to product innovations by combining hardware and software refresh cycles. There is just one combined subscription invoice for hardware, software and support.  A full stack subscription allows World Wide Technology and Cisco to offer new and diverse options when architecting solutions. Customers are able to ever-fresh their networks and achieve their modernization goals more cost effectively.”

Craig Weinhold, Technical Architect at CDW, says, “We’re happy to see Cisco embracing full stack subscriptions. There is pent-up demand for this consumption model in the data center. It promises to simplify lifecycle management with predictable costs and refresh cycles, making it far easier for IT managers to compare costs of cloud, co-loc, and owned facilities.”

How the Nexus Full Stack Subscription Model Works
Cisco offers 3-year and 5-year options for the Nexus Full Stack Subscription. In addition, Cisco partners lead communication with our customers from quote to negotiation and closure of the order. You use the same Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) order tools for Nexus Full Stack Subscription as you do for all Cisco products.

We are excited to offer the industry’s leading networking subscription and will continue to add new offers and services to our Nexus Full Stack Subscription portfolio. Let us know which offers you’d like to see added next. Happy binging!

For more information, please visit us on Cisco.com.