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Thank You, Cisco Partners!

- August 13, 2010 - 2 Comments

For what you might ask? Well, as we say goodbye to FY10 and hello to FY11 (sounds like the making of a catchy tune), we took a look back over the past 12 months — and what a year it was.

From Partner Velocity in Paris in November 2009 to Partner Summit 2010 in San Francisco in April, we’ve been criss-crossing the globe in an attempt to capture footage that would highlight our partnering efforts in FY10.

It has been a banner year, and in case you forgot, here’s a video recap of FY10.

What are your most memorable FY10 highlights? Here are my top 5:

  1. The move from navigating the downturn to accelerating in the upturn. Because let’s be honest, everyone is happier in an upturn.
  2. DBR igniting the crowd at the 2010 Partner Summit. Didn’t think the violin could do that.
  3. Keith Goodwin riding a Segway at the Europe Cisco Partner Executive Exchange. Nothing says partnership like crashing a Segway together. Fortunately, no one crashed. 

  4. Entering my kids into the “Write the Rules. Own the Game” video contest, only to find out Cisco employees are not eligible. Now that’s some small print, legal mumbo-jumbo that would have been helpful.

  5. The Partner Summit open, being the first one to hold up a “Thank You” sign, I was under a lot of pressure and just kept thinking, “don’t hold it upside down.”















What was your most memorable moment of the past year?

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  1. Nice to see that the financial crisis will become a thing of the past !

  2. Lang,Some fun highlights. Congrats to Cisco and a hank you"" for making FY 2010 a remarkable year for Cisco partners.The consistency and relentless execution of your strategy and programs keeps Cisco and your partners at the forefront.All the best in FY2011.Bob"