Staying Ahead On Digitization

May 16, 2017 - 2 Comments

For most of us, we are just about keeping up with the pace of change, with little hope of actually getting ahead of the curve on digitization.  Digitization is everywhere and the speed of change just seems to increase exponentially.  And for every digitized business success story like Uber, AirBnB or Netflix, there are a myriad of failed ventures that either never reached critical mass or bowed out when faced with more capable competition.

For large organizations, legacy systems combined with corporate risk-aversion provide a huge disincentive to embrace change, although many are making big strides in trying to overcome these innate hurdles.  Partners that sell to the Enterprise and Public Sectors know only too well the conundrum these businesses face in terms of the size of investment required to deliver scalable new business models.

For those like Partner Plus partners that sell to the somewhat more entrepreneurial midmarket, where partners also tend to be less specialized in terms of market segments served, the challenge is to keep ahead across a range of industry developments.  As a sales person, it is really hard to locate, synthesize and analyze relevant information, whilst also doing the day job.

That’s why I was really excited when I saw Cisco is offering a series of webinars on Digital Transformation for Industries over the next four months.  Held at 10.00am Central Daylight Time (USA) for one hour, these will focus on digitization in different industry sectors in each session, such as retail, sports and entertainment, media, manufacturing and financial services.

Each webinar is designed to help sales people engage in relevant, business outcomes-orientated conversations with customers, supporting their innovation whilst opening up new revenue opportunities for partners.  And the industry sectors selected so far are well represented in the midmarket, core business for Partner Plus partners.

This is a unique opportunity to leverage all that is best about Cisco and have neatly packaged sales enablement delivered to your laptop, tablet or mobile.

I’ve signed up for all the sessions to help me raise my digitization game – what are you waiting for?

Find out more at:

Digital Transformation for Industries – WebEx Sessions – May/June/July/August 2017

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