Only a few days left until one of my favorite events of the year. It’s always a treat to connect with all of you at Partner Summit, and whether you plan to be there in person or follow along with Virtual Partner Summit, we’ve got some big things to talk about.

Together we can own the opportunities in this digital era. We can sell together. We can market together. And together, we can deliver a digital future for our customers. To get there, I believe there are two key things that need to happen:

Embrace digital marketing. You’ve probably heard me say it before—digital marketing is key to keeping up in the digital era. Most customers no longer reach out to a vendor to kick off their buying process. Instead, they go online. They look at your website, your social media, your reviews. They’re already 65% of the way to making their buying decision before they even reach out to you. But with digital marketing, you can piece together digital channels and data to connect with customers at the right time, in the right place, and with the right content. Building on that, it is crucial to focus on the why as we connect with our customers: the purpose, the cause, the belief. All in an effort to establish trust and loyalty.

Create digital solutions for complex challenges. It’s time to help our customers dream even bigger and get there faster. Our partners are already doing so many amazing things, from networking amusement parks to digitizing a space observatory. The opportunities are endless, and I believe that when we work together as one team, one partner ecosystem, we can build the best solutions for our customers.

With all that said, we couldn’t do any of the above without you. It’s thanks to our partners that we’re able to help so many customers. Last year, we marketed together and increased our sales pipeline by 23%. This shows that we’re headed in the right direction, and I expect we can keep working together to make this number go higher. Let’s own it.

See you soon.


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