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Secrets for Success: Five Rules for Owning the Game

- May 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

What’s the secret for success? Speaker and best-selling author Jason Jennings has studied more than 120,000 companies from around the globe that have successfully reinvented and transformed themselves. He spoke at this year’s Partner Summit, sharing ways that these top companies think, do business, and truly own the game.

Jason identified the six most successful and productive companies in the world: IKEA, Smuckers, Staples, Koch Industries, Nucor Steel, and H&M. These companies, in his eyes, have the best growth track records and have created the greatest amount of economic value. Using their stories as a backdrop, Jason pinpointed the five rules that successful companies follow to own the game:

Here are his five rules for owning the game…

  1. Follow a cause: A cause is not a mission statement, but provides purpose and fuels passion. It should be a non-financial reason for doing what you do. A cause builds culture, and culture is the ultimate competitive advantage.
  2. Let go of yesterday’s breadwinners, such as an outdated brand, your ego, and the same-old same-old. When you let go, you’re better equipped to lead with change, and become more focused than your rivals.
  3. Make sure that everyone in the organization knows the company’s strategy. Most companies keep it top-secret, but that doesn’t work because when people don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing, there’s no way for them to make an emotional attachment to their job.
  4. It helps if everyone at your company thinks and acts like an owner. If you each everyone how what they do creates economic value, it will make them want to do better.
  5. A good leaders is a steward–someone who is accessible, shares information, and is a coach and mentor.

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