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Say Hello To Quicker, More Personal Care

January 11, 2018 - 1 Comment

Picture this: A patient calls to reschedule a doctor’s appointment. But they don’t have to punch in their birthday. Or even say their name. Instead, the system recognizes the number and pulls up their information. The first thing they hear is: “Hi Jane. Are you calling about tomorrow’s appointment?”

SpinSci says…

Healthcare providers aren’t necessarily looking for this kind of personalization—until SpinSci shows it to them. Then they can’t imagine work without it. Or so we heard after partnering with a Minnesota healthcare hub.

The hub spans 25 care facilities and pharmacies. They were looking for a way to easily interact with patients across different locations, while making the process faster and friendlier.

So we brought in Agenta Snap. With this enterprise extension to the Cisco Contact Center and Cisco Unified Communications offerings, we connected the hub’s existing Cisco phone systems to its patient management systems. Now, when a phone rings, a dashboard pops up with the caller details. Cutting out any scrambling or awkward silences. And saving time at every turn.

Already, Agenta Snap is helping the hub shave 10-20 seconds off every call—and call every person by name. Because when it comes to care, a few seconds—and a few personal details—can make all the difference.

Thanks, SpinSci for helping this healthcare hub achieve better results.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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  1. Why not centralizing contacts database not only on phone calls, but also IMS applications as well whatsapp, Viber, ... People are more using such apps, and we already having centric addresbooks.