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Right-Sizing Network Solutions for Small Businesses

- June 25, 2013 - 1 Comment

This is a guest blog post from Cisco Product Manager Marc Nagao. Marc has spent close to two decades in high tech, with a mix of storage, managed services and of course networking. He is currently managing the Small Business RV Series Routers.

Network connectivity is a pretty big concern for any business, let alone a small, growing business. How many small business owners do you know that have turned to IT-savvy Cousin Jimmy for help, or called a “computer expert” they found on Yelp, or tried to find the right network solutions doing only a few quick Google searches? Picking the right network solution can be a daunting task.

But that’s where right sizing a small business’ networking solution comes into play – it saves money now and saves more money in the future. Small businesses have the benefit of being nimble; a successful, single-person business can very quickly transform into a multiple-person small business, with an office and a warehouse and a dozen or even a few dozen folks. But that business’ network connectivity solution doesn’t seem to move as quickly. A consumer wireless router could probably do the job for a single person home office adequately. But for a business looking to use its network for more than just accessing the Internet, the choice is not so obvious.

Now or in the future, a small business may want to be able to access local network resources remotely, use Voice over IP or have its network segmented to securely support guest access.  Moreover, as the business grows, the business applications themselves become more critical.  They need to be online and available, exactly when needed, and always when needed – and that’s when business owners turn to partners like you to help them sort out their choices.

A New Set of Small Business Tools


It’s with those small business concerns in mind that we’re excited to add new Wireless Access Points and RV Series Router to Cisco’s Small Business portfolio.

The all-new WAP551/561 is a perfect wireless solution for addressing small business needs. These access points enable small businesses to deliver high-capacity wireless-N connectivity and guest access, securely and reliably. Simple yet powerful, they delivers business-class features such as Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with PoE, a captive portal for customized guest access, multiple SSID, VLANs and plenty more.

That makes perfect sense right?

2But wait! How does the network connect to the WAPs? Well, first, you need a router. The new business-class RV320 is now the flagship in the Cisco Small Business RV Series portfolio.

The RV320 is a powerful, yet highly secure business class router offering strong networking performance throughput. Add in business-class features such as dual WANs for fail-over and load balancing, an intelligent user interface, USB 3G/4G Broadband failover and small business users have a router that will provide years of service, and that they will never have to think about.

The last new addition is a Cisco’s business class switch that offers power-over Ethernet (PoE) functionality to allow the Access Points to be flexibly optimized for placement in the business. The SG300 series of PoE switches offer this PoE functionality together with all of the Security, Quality of Service, Scalability, and Reliability to deliver the best experience for small business applications and users.

These switches are available in 10 to 52 port configurations.


The bottom line is this: Cisco Small Business Products are changing the way small businesses connect to the world. And Cisco partners targeting this important segment of the market now have even more tools to get them there.


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