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Rewarding Partner Summit 2015 Delivers New Collaboration Offers and More

May 11, 2015 - 0 Comments

Every year an incredible amount of preparation goes into my presentation and one-on-ones for Partner Summit. We had 11 or so Spark rooms of various teams coming together to make decisions about demos, graphic design, scripting, statistics, offers, and so on. Lots of hard work (made easier with Spark), but all that effort culminates in a few days that are both rewarding and inspiring. First, we got to hang out with more than 2200 of you in the lovely city of Montreal (while 6000 others tuned in virtually) and hear some great talks from our top leaders.

The second reward I got from all the weeks leading up to Summit where my team was heads down doing research and crunching numbers was gaining a buttoned-up set of facts that support the message I wanted you to walk away with – that disruption creates an opportunity to thrive. The partner trends we uncovered are compelling.

I want to make sure you have those facts and figures at your fingertips. We’ve created a Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit 2015 Collaboration Offers and Announcements page where you can find all the details on our new partner announcements and offers as well as the presentations. I think you’ll find the offers very rewarding, and if you didn’t get a chance to hear Rowan announce them on main stage and in the breakout session, you can find the recordings on the Cisco Virtual Partner Summit site.

Let’s also do a quick recap here of the three big areas you can focus on to seize that window of opportunity we talked about:

  1. Cloud Acceleration

Sell now: Our refreshed portfolio of software in the cloud: WebEx, Jabber, Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR), and now Cisco Spark.

Why? Partners with a software-as-a-service focus are growing twice as fast as other partners and are positioning themselves for future success.

  1. Pervasive Video

Sell now: Our award-winning video endpoint portfolio from desktop to boardroom.

Why? Partners with strong video practices are growing at double the rate of the average Collaboration partner and creating richer platform sales with integrated video.

  1. Adoption Services

Sell now: Adoption services! Only 17 percent of our customers are using the full suite of collaboration apps they are entitled to, and that means both lost revenue opportunity and renewal risk.

Why? You can increase bookings 30 percent by selling adoption services. This proven approach accelerates endpoint deployment, drives more video, and increases attach rates of WebEx, Jabber, CMR and Spark. Software lifecycle practices will be key to your SaaS success.

Our window of opportunity is now. As John Chambers said, “I truly think this next year will be the inflection point in which every company becomes a digital company.” Companies can only go digital with the help of collaboration. Thanks to all of you who attended Partner Summit 2015. I hope you are as inspired as we are to thrive in the years ahead and make collaboration a key part of our customers’ digital transformation.

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