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Register for Virtual Partner Velocity: Ideas, Innovation, and Air Sandwiches

- November 2, 2011 - 1 Comment

Have you ever tried to eat an “air sandwich”? You can probably guess that it’s a sandwich with two slices of bread and nothing inside. Not too tasty.

In business, an air sandwich happens when strategy is decided by a few people at the top with no input from the rest of the company, leaving a gap or a bunch of air in the middle.

And if you look at the world’s most successful companies, they share a few common traits: creative thinking and problem solving, along with a collaborative work environment.

These are the keys to a company’s success, according to Nilofer Merchant, speaker, Harvard Business Review columnist, business strategist, and author of the book The New How: Building Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy.

Nilofer is the next Virtual Partner Velocity speaker on the topic of “Igniting Performance” and in her hour-long session, she will:

  • provide actionable ways to leverage the best ideas within your company
  • show you how to create a clear vision
  • offer tips for collaborating effectively
  • provide tactics for co-creating success
  • and how you can ensure the entire company is invested in an idea

In short, how to put some meat (or for vegetarians, perhaps some cheese or peanut butter) into that dry air sandwich.

Want to participate in the broadcast? Find out how to sign up.
Join in on the next Virtual Partner Velocity broadcast on Tuesday November 15 from 8-9 a.m. PST as Nilofer shares her insights on ways to truly ignite performance and collaborate for success. You can also ask your questions live during the broadcast and Nilofer will answer on the air.

To register and reserve your spot at this event, visit the Partner Velocity page, click Register now under Nilofer Merchant, and log in using your ID and password. By logging in, you’ll be registered for the event. You can also click the “Add to Calendar” button to block out the time on your calendar.

Be sure to take the event survey to ensure your feedback is heard loud and clear. Follow @PartnerVelocity on Twitter, too.

About Nilofer:

Nilofer Merchant is a corporate director, published author, and business strategist. She has earned a reputation for enabling companies to win, if not dominate their markets.

Her expertise comes from growing companies, small and big. She has served as CEO, Fortune 500 leader, and entrepreneur. Her experience brings strategic models, 20 years of experience in startups and multi-billion dollar global enterprises, market insights, and a basic understanding of humans – to create solutions that work.

She’s been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, and published by BusinessWeek, Forbes, and AdAge. She is a contributing author to three books; two on social media marketing, and one on wisdom leadership.

Follow her on Twitter: @nilofer.

(Sandwich photo courtesy of FotoosVanRobin.)


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  1. Loved the analogy of "air sandwitch" in daily business