I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since an energizing Partner Summit in San Francisco! As I take a step back and reflect, one word continues to pop into my head – focus. More than ever before, our teams are more focused, aligned and ready to help our partners and customers go Full Speed into the digital era. And do you know what the key to your success will be? To collaborate with one of our biggest assets – your Cisco Distributor.

If you are not currently partnering with your Distributor on your go-to-market plans around security, software and migrating your customers’ network to digital solutions, you are missing out on a huge asset right at your fingertips. Consider the three questions and support below, to help get the conversation started. 

How can we drive digital readiness in the commercial and mid-market?

Making the move towards digitization is key to driving growth, profitability, simplicity and success for both our partners and our customers. With Cisco software and services, you can drive network migrations and build relationships that will help increase growth in the long term through upsell, cross sell, services practice and stickiness. So, what is Cisco doing to help you drive migrations?

At Partner Summit we shared how upgrading the network can help you speed up your customers’ transformation to digital and accelerate software adoption. We have and will continue to invest heavily to help you drive new business. 2Tier focused volume plays, designed for commercial and mid-market, have been launched globally and regionally to help support you. We are ready to collaborate with you in this transition. Your success is our success.

Next Steps:

  1. Watch the replays and read the announcements available on SalesConnect.
  2. Invest in developing your software practice with the help of your Distributor.
  3. Get trained on DNA and lead with security and software. Ask your Distributor about training opportunities!
  4. Get up-to-speed on new DNA offers.

How can we build my Cisco security practice? 

As you work with your customers to migrate their core, one overarching driver must lead that conversation – security. Did you know that Cisco security is the most profitable architecture for partners? Along with software, security is one of the main drivers of network refresh deals — making it a 10X multiplier for deal size. So, what is Cisco doing to help you move forward?

Cisco offers you best-in-industry products, through an integrated security architecture, providing you with a competitive edge that no other vendor can match. At Partner Summit we announced how we are set to help you unlock, capture and accelerate this huge growth opportunity. As the world becomes more complex and the risk of attacks grows, our customers are looking for providers with a reputation they can trust, the capabilities to secure their world, and reliability across their environments no matter how simple or complex. Work with your Distributor to become a trusted security advisor for your customers.

Next Steps:

  1. Read the announcements and listen to the replays from Partner Summit.
  2. Get your teams ready to sell! Visit the Selling Security site to take the new on-demand trainings, access assets and get selling support.
  3. Ask your Distributor about teaming up on proof of value (POV) initiatives to deliver Cisco security network assessments to your customers.
  4. Get familiar with the new Cisco security plays, portfolio, and the security products that will help you have the right conversations with your customers.

How can Cisco ONE Software enable customers who are interested in digitization?

Software is what ultimately drives business outcomes. Partners who are investing in building their software business by utilizing our robust Cisco ONE Software for offer design, are showing great successes. Additionally, Distributors have amazing capabilities around software. They will be key in helping to ramp up your lifecycle management practice to target the $1B on the table in renewal opportunity. So, what is Cisco doing to help you build your software practice?

At Partner Summit, we covered the overall software opportunity and strategy for our partners. We helped to make the connection between software as the outcomes driver, hardware as the foundation of it all, services that help to realize that value, and most importantly, using security to drive the whole conversation. It will be essential to think of these things as dependent on each other in helping you migrate your customer’s networks and growing your software business. Weaving these solutions into an offering, and building ongoing relationships, is where the success happens.

Next Steps:

  1. Make sure you are up-to-speed by listening to the replays and reading through the announcements available in SalesConnect.
  2. Work with your Distributor to identify opportunities and deliver professional services.
  3. Increase your deal size by collaborating with your Distributor on security POV’s and use software to help drive the solution.
  4. Ask your Distributor about Cisco ONE products available through Fast Track.

Putting these things into action this year will be a valuable investment in your businesses future. Your Distributors are ready to take this journey with you – unlock the power of Distribution today and start the conversation with the questions posed above. Let your Distributor help you reach your goals in FY17!

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