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Partners Reflect on Partner Summit 2011, Plus Our Favorite Quotes

March 11, 2011 - 6 Comments

Last week our partners got to hear from great speakers, whether at the general sessions, theater breakout sessions, or business and leadership breakout sessions. But what impact did it all have—what did partners learn while they were at Partner Summit 2011?

Luckily, we got the chance to catch up with a number of you to find out what made an impact, and what you intended to take back to your business. I interviewed partners from a number of different companies, including: Long View, Comstor, Dimension Data, Migesa, Italtel, and Datacraft.

So what did partners tell us? The messages around cloud and collaborative professional services definitely were critical. One partner also noted the importance of Cisco’s commitment to the partner-led strategy.

While at Partner Summit, we also jotted down some notable quotes we heard over the course of the week, whether at the general sessions, or during breakout sessions. Here’s what we captured.

“We need to become the emerging markets alchemist and turn architectures into gold!” – Paul Mountford, Vice President of Business Development

“Ask not what your partner can do for you, but what you can do for your partner!” – Chuck Robbins, Senior Vice President

“We are moving from an information economy to a networked economy–we will go together with our partners.” –John Chambers, CEO

“We’re in a relationship—we have to have passion in it! We want to help you drive your business every day.” – Edison Peres, Senior Vice President

“The consumer has already adopted the cloud, and it will spread into the enterprise.” – Michael Capellas, CEO of VCE

“The future of work will be very different: It will be social, mobile, and virtual. In the future, we will not go to work, we will simply do work.” – Padmasree Warrior, CTO

“When my competition comes to you and says, ‘I’ll give you some of my server business if you’ll join me in inserting my technology as a commodity into a Cisco account’ just tell them, ‘No’ because they are asking you to commoditize your business.” – Rob Lloyd, Executive Vice President

“We have been a consistent partner for you over the last 15 years. You are and will continue to be our primary route to market. We will focus on your growth and profitability as we go forward, because we know that’s what will drive our future success.” – Keith Goodwin, Senior Vice President

Be sure to visit Virtual Partner Summit to watch replays of keynote presentations, theater breakout sessions, Executive Chats, leadership and business transformation sessions. The replays will be available for the next 30 days, so visit VPS to check them out.

Got any of your own key takeaway, quotes, or favorite Partner Summit moments? Please share them in the comments.

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  1. That was fast. Replays on the VPS are working now, though they're of his chat rather than his presentation. I understand that professional speakers may not want their full presentations "in the wild," but I hope that next year Cisco can revisit the decision not to make them available within the context of the login-restricted Virtual Partner Summit. The business leadership sessions are one of the most compelling reasons I'd like to get more of my team to attend the summit. Scott McKain and Chester Elton both had terrific motivational sessions! Every manufacturer has partner meetings where they talk about their products and strategies, but Cisco distinguishes itself with how much support it gives to helping partners develop and grow their businesses, and these business leadership sessions are a great example of that kind of loyalty-building investment.

  2. I've been informed that the Business Leadership sessions were not taped for replay after the event. (Scott McKain's session was part of those Business Leadership breakouts.)

  3. Hi David, Thanks for letting us know. We're looking into the Virtual Partner Summit issue you mentioned. Scott does cover some of the same material in his Ustream chat, but we'll get the VPS issue fixed so you can watch both.

  4. Unfortunately, when I've tried to catch his reply in the Virtual Partner Summit I get "Sorry, This Presentation Is Not Available. This Presentation is Over". I do see the Ustream exec chat with him, but that's different than his presentation, though at 8:27 in it contains a similar comment to the one I referenced.

  5. Thanks, David! Scott McKain had a lot of great tips. His chat is indeed available for replay in Virtual Partner Summit and you can also watch the replay on our Ustream page.

  6. I liked Scott McKain's comment that went something like: "Your customers don't want you to MAKE it right. They want you to GET it right. The first time." His talk on customer experience is something we should all take to heart. I hope it'll be available for replay on the Virtual Partner Summit.