It’s almost here! Our largest partner event of the year, Cisco Partner Summit Digital 2020, starts next week on October 28th. We’re so excited to “see” you. The virtual format this year allows us to engage with more partners than ever before. We’re confident Partner Summit Digital will be every bit as impressive, entertaining, and informative as years past!

This year, all registered Cisco partners can participate and enjoy the executive insights, rich content, and special guests that are the hallmarks of our premier partner event. We are passionate about producing this event to help you succeed and ensure that you continue to profit and grow. As we always say, “When our partners succeed, Cisco succeeds.”

If you have not already done so, please register for Partner Summit Digital and encourage your teams to do the same. The Global Insight Session with Maria Martinez, Cisco’s EVP and Chief CX Officer and Oliver Tuszik, Cisco’s SVP of Global Partner Organization, and specific Geo Sessions are automatically added to everyone’s agenda.

Being Future Ready is all about being Agile and being Relevant, which will lead to being Profitable. We know that each of our partners has their unique EDGE, and we want to help you hone and expand on that EDGE. In these uncertain times, our customers ask for business outcome solutions as they try to navigate the changing landscape of business. Delivering business outcomes quickly for customers requires the ability to develop and sell solutions, potentially with other partners. Increasingly, the ability to customize, automate, and manage solutions for our customers leads to differentiation – and Cisco wants to help you get there.

Delivering customer success is a critical component of being Future Ready, we have developed an eBook for you to show you where Customer Experience (CX) shows up at the event. Bookmark it and come back for post-event resources and next steps – we will also post it on SuccessHub.

We can’t wait to join you at Partner Summit Digital next week, and we look forward to your feedback on all the content, announcements, and your experience. Together, we will continue to perform the actions that drive our business while transforming for tomorrow – ensuring we are all Future Ready!


Julia Chen

Vice President

Global Partner Transformation