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Padmasree Warrior at Cisco Live: Cisco Next-Generation Networks are Critical in Driving Innovation

We’ve seen lots here at Cisco Live so far—great demos from partners of cloud computing at work, Chairman and CEO John Chambers’ keynote address highlighting Cisco’s strength in IT, and a telehealth demo showing the power of Cisco HealthPresence. During today’s keynote presentation from CTO Padmasree Warrior and CIO Rebecca Jacoby, live and virtual attendees got the chance to see real-world examples of how Cisco technology is driving innovation now through the 21st century.

Padma kicked off her talk with a few mind-boggling stats—did you know that currently 13 billion devices connect to the network? That equals two devices for every person on earth. That number is expected to grow to 50 billion devices, meaning each of us will own six. (I guess that means it’s ok if I lose my phone, I can always grab my tablet!)

And speaking of tablets, Padma said that by the end of her talk, she estimates that over 6000 tablets will have been sold. That’s a lot of devices that rely on the network—so how is Cisco is responding to the demand?

According to Padma, the network still connects all devices, and it still remains at the center as an architectural control point. Padma also says that the data center is changing–apps are not tied to the data center, but instead move around to different machines.

She then said that the enterprise of the future will demand an end-to-end video architecture, collaboration architecture that is secure and enterprise-class, data center/virtualization and unified access (both wired and wireless) for support, and services and partners. From there, she looked at each of Cisco’s architectures and technologies and how each one differentiates Cisco and supports the enterprise: From Borderless Networks, Collaboration and Data Center and Virtualization, to security advancements like ISE, the new Catalyst 6500 switch, or the Cius mobile tablet, Padma noted that Cisco is driving innovation in every category.

During a demo, Padma showed the difference in the quality of video offered by a good-enough network, and a next-generation Cisco network. On the good-enough network, when there was a high volume of traffic, the video sputtered and jittered, while the Cisco next-generation network displayed the video without skipping a beat.

CIO Rebecca Jacoby then took the stage to explain how Cisco has implemented its own technology. She said that Cisco has the largest implementation of TelePresence in an enterprise setting on the planet, and that video takes up 25% of network traffic. She also said that 84,000 mobile devices are on the Cisco network, and AnyConnect helped with this deployment.

From there, Padma closed the keynote by noting that Cisco is committed and confident, and will lead into 21st century.

Didn’t get a chance to watch the keynote? You can watch the replay on Cisco Live Virtual. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the replay by going to the Locations tab at the top of the screen and selecting Auditorium from the drop-down menu. Then, go to the On-Demand Las Vegas 2011 tab and click the GENKEY-4701: Live Keynote – Featuring Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer – Cisco link. From there hit the View Session button to launch the presentation.

In addition to watching the keynote, we also got the chance to sit in on a Partner Super Session called Cloud Computing and Virtualization: Getting Ahead of the Curve. We got to hear from our partners at CA Technologies and Visual Network Systems.

Karen Sage, VP, Alliance Solutions at CA Technologies presented first and shared that in the past, when a request came in and needed provisioning, it would have to go through multiple checkpoints, sometimes taking weeks to get approved. She used MGM Resorts as an example: Post-deployment of a virtual provisioning product shortened MGM Resorts’ 6 week provisioning time to a mere 20 minutes.

Next up was Ward Cobleigh, Director of Technology Alliances at Visual Network Systems. He introduced Industry Analyst Jim Metzler who advised IT professionals to “embrace change.” He shared a list of what IT professionals needed:

  • Have a top down approach focused on the user’s experience
  • Have the ability to perform rapid root cause analysis
  • Gather information across the entire application delivery infrastructure
  • Management tools and processes that provide the same efficiency and agility provided by cloud computing

And finally, the session ended with Doug Roberts, Director of Product Strategy at Visual Network Systems saying that “Mobile devices and platforms are changing the way we interact, react, and exchange with one another!” If you missed this Partner Super Session, the replay will be available in Cisco Live Virtual’s Auditorium under On-Demand Las Vegas 2011.

There’s lots going on here in Vegas, so be sure to check back here on the blog for more updates, news, and interviews with partners.

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