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Online Retailer Turns to Cisco Partner to Help Upgrade Network

- February 8, 2012 - 3 Comments

Imagine running a call center where all of your phones rang for a single call and your operators had to roshambo to decide who would answer. Pure chaos, right? Well, that describes the situation Wayfair (formerly CSN Stores) was in before INX (recently acquired by Presidio) stepped in to upgrade and enhance their networking capabilities. (Okay, maybe without the roshambo part, but still chaotic nonetheless.)

Wayfair is the largest online retailer in the home goods space. As they grew from a two-person company to one with 800 employees, they looked to INX to provide various network solutions—from expanding their older VoIP-based telephony solution to designing and implementing a scalable Cisco Unified Communications/Collaboration Solution.

Wayfair Co-founder and Chairman Steve Conine says, “We really needed to upgrade to a system that had much more sophisticated routing and better tie-in with our call order system. Having the ability to take advantage of some of the Cisco wireless phone technology for the operators on the floor and the warehouse has been pretty neat.”

Steve also gives glowing reviews of INX. “Over the years, working with INX, they’ve really become a trusted advisor to our IT operations group.”

But INX didn’t become Wayfair’s trusted advisor overnight. Watch as Steve shares why INX continues to be a group he relies on when it comes to providing network solutions.

Wayfair looks to INX as their trusted advisor and continues to work with INX because of their knowledge and dependability. Steve says that, “[INX] provides fast and reliable information, all hours of the day depending on the different things that are coming up and the different projects we’re working on with them. The Cisco INX investment so far has paid off very well for us.”

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  1. I got my start in that early CSN call environment. Now it always makes me feel like the archetypical grandpa to tell people "Well, in MY day we didn't have routing, or skill groups, or any of that stuff". ...we did have snow back then.

    • We love hearing these stories! Thanks so much for sharing!

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