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New Smart Solutions Help Partners Increase Sales, While Enabling ‘Your Way’ Experiences for Customers

May 16, 2012 - 0 Comments

By 2014, the average number of connected devices per knowledge worker is expected to reach 3.3, according to the Cisco IBSG Horizons Study released today. And a whopping 95 percent of respondents permit employee-owned devices in some way in the workplace.

Plus, more than three-fourths of IT leaders consider BYOD a gateway to greater business benefits, including increased productivity and greater job satisfaction. So there’s no doubt about it:  Work is fast becoming an activity, not a location.

But what does this mean for partners? Opportunity, of course. You’re in the enviable position to leverage Cisco’s new “Your Way” Smart Solutions to provide customers with a holistic approach to BYOD in the workplaces. These solutions are completely scalable, and also address mobility, security, virtualization, and network policy management.

The benefit to your customers, you ask? Cisco IBSG estimates that the annual savings from BYOD range from $300 to $1,300 per employee. Now that can really start to add up!

Want to know what you can begin selling today?

There’s no way around it. BYOD is here to stay—and it’s growing fast! I’d say it’s safe to say that your customers want—no, need—to increase business efficiency and remove the cost, risk, and complexity associated with mobility.

To eliminate barriers and address challenges, Cisco is offering a set of fully tested and validated Smart Solutions, based on the Cisco Unified Workspace. This complete offer is unlike anything available from Cisco competitors, and it will help CIOs and IT leaders provide employees with the Your Way experiences they desire and the added benefits of increased productivity and lower costs.

For partners, the advantages are clear. You can build on Cisco-assured Smart Solutions, reap the rewards of “de-risked” and simplified integration, build on your existing investments in architectures, and leverage deep partner enablement—including financing. And did I mention new business opportunities?

So what are you waiting for? Begin offering Smart Solutions to boost your bottom line—and become your customers’ most trusted business advisor. Partner tools and resources are also available to help you succeed.

The new Smart Solutions include:

BYOD Smart Solution

  • The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution transforms the workspace, providing end-to-end BYOD lifecycle management. The solution helps secure data with unified policy, delivers uncompromised experiences with powerful collaboration tools, and simplifies operations with proactive management.

VXI Smart Solution

  • The Cisco VXI Smart Solution is a desktop virtualization system that spans Cisco’s Data Center, Borderless Networks, and Collaboration architectures to deliver a superior collaboration and rich media user experience in a fully integrated, open, and validated desktop virtualization solution.

 Remote Expert Smart Solution

  • Cisco Remote Expert is an integrated solution that will enable a virtual face-to-face consultation through immersive video and online form sharing at work or in the home by identifying and accessing the most appropriate subject matter expert from any location.

I really like this last one—Remote Expert. Imagine walking into any home improvement store and gaining instant access to a kitchen remodel expert. Or meeting with your bank’s portfolio manager precisely when needed. Or how about having your doctor bring in an expert on the fly to provide a second opinion of your x-ray?

These experiences benefit the customer as well as the business itself. And the bottom line is that if your customers take a wait-and-see approach to BYOD, they’re likely to be leapfrogged by their competition. And you don’t want that to happen to your customers.

So begin the conversation today. And leave a comment below about your thoughts surrounding BYOD and Your Way.

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