Data centers used to be easy to find. Behind some secured door in a windowless room at company headquarters, mainframes churned data all day long.

Not anymore.

Data lives everywhere now, because apps are everywhere. Data lives in your phone, your car, on an assembly line, or even in your sneakers. Because of this shift, data centers need to evolve and move to the edge, so companies can utilize their data more rapidly. Data centers still have an onsite role to play, but they also need to act more like pop-ups, going with the information flow and setting up where the action is.

We’ve seen this change coming and we’ve planned for this. And this week, we just launched Data Center Anywhere. Customers can now enjoy multicloud and edge access that’s designed to handle any workload, in any location, and with any cloud formation. By moving data centers closer to the apps on the ground, we’re also opening the door to interpreting data in real time. This lets customers to do more, which means you deliver greater value. Data Center Anywhere is now achievable at scale for your mid-sized customers to large global enterprises.


Here are the big wins we see coming out of this for you:

More Business for Partners

  • Open doors to new opportunities with new ACI Anywhere, HyperFlex Anywhere, and CloudCenter use cases. You can engage customers with innovative solutions for edge compute, cloud analytics, multicloud network, and automation.
  • Meet the demands of today’s digitization initiatives and refresh the large Cisco installed base, while also offering customers the choice of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or public cloud environment options.
  • Offer flexible consumption models and increase recurring revenue with enterprise agreements that grow with your customer’s business. 

More Profitability for Partners

  • Decrease your cost of deployment with preconfigured solution bundles and simplified ordering.
  • Speed your time to reach business outcomes with faster installations and SaaS offerings.
  • Accelerate customer adoption with automation, security, and analytics cross-architecture integration.

Cisco is extending our multicloud leadership with new ACI and HyperFlex capabilities, while flexible consumption models and new technology integrations simplify operations and reduce risk. That’s a win for you, and for your customers. No matter where their data lives.

You can find more details and partner selling tools in the Partner Launch Hub on SalesConnect. And be sure to check out all of the technology news and updates through our

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