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Need to Cut Costs, Partners? Don’t Put Your Company Talent—or Your Future—at Risk

- June 24, 2013 - 1 Comment


This is the sixth blog in the Cisco Partner Talent series, helping partners attract, develop, and retain the right people with the right skills at the right time. This month’s blog post goes into detail about stage six of the Cisco Fit4Talent Employee Lifecycle: Succession Planning.

Based on my past few posts, I’m hoping you’ve been giving more thought to employee engagement and development. These are so important to building and retaining a strong team of contented, high performing employees.

In a fast moving, global and knowledge-based economy, survival depends on having a workforce that’s agile, creative and engaged, and that requires a developmental mentality. Business leaders need to take a more proactive and strategic approach in order to avoid wasting talent. That starts with understanding why certain cost-cutting measures, while well-intended, could actually be hurting your chances to develop talented employees.

So the question becomes: are you wasting your talent when you need it most? 

Business experts Sheila Udall and Stan Szaroleta created a report that examines this issue, including a section on how to survive and thrive by becoming a talent-rich organization.

Here are some of the topics the report looks at in detail:

How Talent is Lost or Wasted

  • Losing accumulated knowledge through experienced people leaving, retiring, or being made redundant
  • Computerization, systematization, and simplification of work processes
  • Restricting people to roles that underuse their knowledge and skill—and defining people by their current role
  • A preoccupation with tasks and targets and a command and control management style
  • Poor talent management practices

How Leadership Can Do Better

  • Think and act strategically
  • Take personal responsibility for building a confident, not fearful culture
  • Develop a coaching style of leadership
  • Develop leadership talent in others
  • Put engagement and development on the corporate agenda
  • Make a business case for engaging and developing talent

For the specific ideas and tips to identify where you’re wasting talent and how you can improve, download the Are You Wasting or Using Talent? How to Survive and Thrive report here.

Be sure to visit Cisco Fit4Talent for our free talent management resources. And if you missed our recent Virtual Partner Summit session, “Attract, Develop and Retain the Right Team with Cisco Partner Talent,” you can still experience the essential session on-demand, now through July 8, 2013.


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