Workplace transformation doesn’t come from technology alone. It comes from people, which is why we are taking a human-centered approach to workplace transformation. This week we are publicly launching solutions that address workstyles, workspaces, and workflows. Our innovations across the portfolio are designed to enhance employee engagement and productivity, improve customer experiences, optimize real estate, and reduce costs, all while helping our customers win the war on talent.

The Single Platform Advantage: Webex Teams Becomes Modular

Our approach to reduce complexity is to create easy and intuitive experiences. The Single Platform Advantage delivers exactly that through Cognitive Collaboration, edge and hybrid services, and analytics management all while providing enterprise security and compliance. Now, with our Unified App, all experiences across the platform align to a shared design and single app framework as users move across applications and devices. One app can be configured by IT and managed within Cisco Webex Control Hub to operate in one or multiple nodes to align to any workstyle. Our Single Platform Advantage.

Intelligent Devices Transform Spaces

Cisco has reimagined collaboration devices to suit customers from small to large while offering the flexibility required to support modern workstyles. Our new Cisco Headset 700 Series, Webex Desk Pro, and the Webex Room Panorama provide consistent, easy-to-use experiences, including cognitive features, to reduce friction and allow users to be more productive – even in open workspaces.

Hardware as a Service Makes it Easier to Acquire Devices

Cisco now offers industry leading collaboration endpoints with a more affordable payment plan – Hardware as a Service. Leverage this monthly subscription-based program to position refreshes without sticker shock and to provide better user experiences with our end-to-end solution and advanced features from the Webex platform.

The time is now to leverage the Single Platform Advantage to help our customers transform their workplaces. Through these new innovations, partners can provide true value as they help guide their customer through workplace transformation. Use the power of the Webex platform to help your customers keep their employees engaged, to attract and retain top talent, and to provide the best customer and agent experiences. I know that through the dedication and expertise of you, our amazing partner community, this huge market opportunity is ours to capitalize upon.



Cherie Caldwell

Global Director, Collaboration GTM

Global Partner Organization