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Kaon 3D Data Center Models Will Help Shorten Your Sales Cycles

- June 28, 2012 - 12 Comments

Imagine you’re at a lunch meeting with prospective customers and they begin to ask you questions about the Cisco Nexus 5010 Switch. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your iPad or other mobile device to show a demo of the switch before your entree even arrived?

The Kaon 3D Data Center Models make it possible for you to do just that. Download the interactive 3D models of the Cisco data center products to your iPad, iPhone, laptop, or desktop. Once it’s downloaded, you’re able to quickly and easily demo Cisco data center and switching products anytime, anywhere. No need for access to an in-person demo center or actual product to show off the features and benefits to prospects and customers.

What would anytime, anywhere access to Cisco data center products mean to you? Shorter sales cycles, of course!

Take a tour of this handy tool and find out how you can start using it today. 

This is what you see when you first open the application on your iPhone. You have the option of viewing Routers, Switches, or UCS Servers.

I selected the Cisco Nexus 5010 switch. A window appeared and gave me some helpful tips. You can always access these tips by pressing the button at the top with the question mark.

I also tried out the Measure tool by putting two fingers anywhere on the product. I got the measurements between the two points. Very cool.

When I clicked the various yellow icons, descriptions of what I selected appeared.

The Product Animations dropdown gave even more options to explore the different elements within the Cisco Nexus 5010.

For example, selecting Rear View gave me a short description of the Cisco Nexus 5010.

When I selected Fan Module (Remove), I saw a great animation of the fan module being extracted from the overall switch.

I was then able to see the fan module by itself and spin, move, zoom, and measure it.

Ready to start using the Kaon 3D Data Center Models?
Visit the Unified Data Center site on Partner Central (CCO Login Required) for instructions on how to download the free Kaon 3D Data Center Models to your laptop or desktop (Scroll down under “What’s New.”)

If you prefer to access the free Kaon 3D Data Center Models on your iPad or iPhone, visit the Apple app store to download the Cisco 3D Interactive Catalog app.

Want to try before taking the time to download?
Check out the web version of the Cisco Interactive 3D Model Library.

Be sure to share your comments once you’ve taken a spin around the Kaon 3D Data Center Models. We would love to hear your feedback!


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  1. Aaron, Most of the UCS products are under the UCS Server section, both the blades and C-Series. Are there specific products you are looking for?

  2. When will unified communications be available through this application?

  3. @Mark: The translations lag a little bit, as the product managers are always eager to get their content out as soon as possible. But rest assured that eventually, all the content will be translated to both JA and ES.

  4. Searching for "Cisco 3D Interactive" soon had the app on my iPhone 4S. Took an additional 5 minutes to update on launch but the features were worth the wait. Checking out the Cat 6513. Good to see that Japanese is one of the three supported languages but a number of the description sets are still in English, even with Japanese selected. Good demo tool to show what ends up in the data center.

  5. Thanks. I'll download and I think it will be a helpful tool.

  6. Great App! We will be using this app on an iPad at an event!

  7. Download is not available...

    • Hi Christian, Which download is not available for you? The one through Partner Central or the one from the Apple iTunes App Store?

      • Hi Anna. the one through partner central, i keep getting: Page Unavailable The Webpage you requested is unavailable. Please revisit at a later time. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. i want it for my laptop

  8. Great article! I thought you should know that the right place to download the iPhone/iPad app has changed. It is now: This is exactly the same app, but it's in the store under the "Cisco" account instead of the "Kaon Interactive" account now. The Kaon version will be removed in the next few days, after people have a chance to transition.

    • Thank you, Joshua. I'll update the link in the blog post just in case our readers miss it in the comments.

      • I just noticed that I linked the "au" store, instead of the "us" store. You should probably change /au/ to /us/ in that link, since about half the users of this app are in the US. :)