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IoT & Industries Spotlight at Partner Summit 2017

November 7, 2017 - 0 Comments

The need for strong Partner Ecosystems to help our customers get to their desired business outcomes has never been more important than it is today.  The market continues to evolve quickly, as does the need for our customers’ organizations to become more digitized and succeed in a highly competitive landscape.  We must be all-in together to bring forward our unique specializations and expertise so that we can win bigger, together.

This was the theme of our session: “The Time is Now: Own the IoT & Industry Conversation with Cisco” as we kicked-off Cisco’s 2017 Partner Summit last week in Dallas, TX.

As Partners, there are three main entry points to IoT and industry solutions with Cisco depending on the skillsets you bring to the table:

  • Most have an Enterprise Networking Practice and strong relationships with IT, deploying Enterprise Networking. By leveraging your existing IT relationships and Enterprise Networking skillset, you can drive Extended Enterprise Use Cases with Industrial IoT Networking products.
  • Partners with an IoT/Data Practice can explore and drive Kinetic Starter Solutions.
  • Lastly, as shared on mainstage at Partner Summit, Cisco continues to have an “infinitely vertical” focus. Partners who have industry expertise should leverage our ready-to-sell, scalable industry solutions.

We are hyper-focused on a new and improved go-to-market approach to industry solutions: building scalable solutions, NOT one-off solutions.  We are building these scalable solutions and a clear industry point-of-view to bring to the market faster, together.  This will allow us to drive our value proposition and bring more success to our customers now and in the future.

Tying to this theme, Rauline Ochs, an Analyst & Consultant who joined us in this session from The Channel Group, publishers of CRN Magazine, shared examples of the importance of partnering together in an ecosystem.  How the most successful organizations are taking their traditional businesses to the next level through these partnerships.

Rauline also shared the Digital Transformation Framework, a set of building blocks starting at the lowest level, which is security – a critical entry point.  The foresights and insights that
drive the ROI, drives the buying decision with the customer, comes from that data.  Building on top of that is the Digital Ready Infrastructure, then IoT platforms and edge devices.  Then closing with  industrial IoT at the top.

This framework set-up Vikas Butaney and Riaz Raihan, who lead Cisco’s networking and software businesses, and shared our integrated IoT strategy of how Cisco networking and Kinetic work in concert.

We all know that the most precious asset for a company is their data; even more so when the data is coming off of their products, or gives insight into how customers use those products.  Cisco Kinetic gives complete control of data to the data owners while protecting data ownership, privacy and sovereignty rules.  The magic happens when this is paired with Cisco IoT networking and security.  Getting to play in the highly valuable data space, while being complementary to all of the apps and analytics players out there, is a unique and exciting place for all of us to be.

I was honored to be on stage with some of the greatest minds at Cisco representing all aspects from industry-specific expertise, to security, to our strategic platforms and technologies – as well as a few of our key Partners from Presidio, Rovisys, and VertiTechIT, sharing their best practices and expertise.

As we move into 2018, it has never been clearer that with a strong Partner Ecosystem we can win faster, succeed greater, and transform the world together.

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