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Internet of Everything Opportunity is there for our Partners

- February 12, 2014 - 0 Comments

Those of you that attended the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show last month heard Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers’ keynote address discussing the potential $19 trillion opportunity in the Internet of Everything (IoE). John even mentioned that the combined value of the opportunity might be conservative. (If you missed John’s speech you should definitely check out the highlights.)

John talked about “connecting the unconnected” and that this area is where our Partner Ecosystem has to be ready to do some serious work. We know we have to evolve with you and make sure we are all prepared to tackle that $19 trillion opportunity that is out there.

There is real value in our partner ecosystem and in connecting partners with each other. We will certainly be talking about this more and more as we move further into 2014, especially with such a large focus on IoE.

IoE will be connecting cars, home appliances, sensors and much more which is why we must be prepared to focus more on the business outcomes that these connections allow. We cannot simply worry about selling IoE technology. We must focus on the end solution, and how you get your customers to that end solution. This means IoE is a fantastic opportunity, but how do you get started?

One way to get your foot in the door could be to focus on our ruggedized infrastructure. We have an extensive Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio in place that allows partners to target new solutions and customers. In an area like our ruggedized portfolio you can make the conversation less about selling products and more about creating an IoE solution for your client.

Using our ruggedized portfolio to get your foot in the door lets you make the conversation about changing people’s lives. You’re not just selling a 1550 Ruggedized Access Point, for instance, you’re connecting the unconnected to provide energy optimization, or improved asset utilization, and that helps every citizen. By extension, you’ve created a new revenue stream for yourself, just by changing the conversation. Being able to support that conversation is exactly why you’ve seen us expanding and changing our ecosystem of partner since Partner Summit last year in Boston.

At Partner Summit 2013 we highlighted services opportunities for partners, because there was a lot of “extra” opportunity for partners and we are committed to helping partners capture as much of that services opportunity as possible. As we maintain that commitment heading into Partner Summit 2014 in Las Vegas this year, you will see more from Cisco as we build and connect our  partner ecosystem.

In fact, when this total $19 trillion opportunity was first discussed in early January, our VP of Global Partner Marketing, Sherri Liebo, posted a great blog identifying the opportunity and explaining just how partners can tackle the opportunities in both the public and private sectors. I highly recommend reading the entire blog, but in short, the partners who choose to exploit IoE must move quickly to gain a leadership position and evolve business models to stay competitive. Challenges will include:

  • How to gain insights from the amount of available data to make accurate predictions of customer behavior
  • How to keep pace with rapid changes in the new environment
  • How to proactively deal with security threats

And just like Sherri, I encourage you to take advantage of the research, thought leadership content and marketing assets to leverage the power of Cisco behind IoE:

That takes us right back to the top of the conversation, evolution, and as part of that evolution, connecting what is not yet connected. As John mentioned at CES, 2014 is going to be an “inflection point” for fledgling technology of IoE to really take off. We have been talking to you about the potential of IoE for some time now and we don’t want you to miss out. Hey, we don’t want to miss out either. We see $14.4 trillion potential in the private sector and $4.6 trillion opportunity in public sector. Again, that is $19 trillion dollars of opportunity that someone will claim. We want to help you claim your share.

Cisco partners will play a major role in Cisco’s IoE offensive. We are fully committed to you as we tackle these new technologies. I couldn’t agree more with what John said at CES, “I think our channel strategy plays right into our sweet spot.”

We know you are all evolving to capture these opportunities and so are we. What we have to focus on at Cisco is ensuring that we evolve with you to connect the unconnected. Let me know what you think in the comments section below and let’s discuss what Cisco can do to make sure we tackle this opportunity together.


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