How We Help You Prioritize the Midmarket with Partner Plus

September 27, 2016 - 2 Comments

In my last blog I committed to sharing ideas on how Partner Plus partners can grow both revenues and profits in the midmarket.  Who comprises the midmarket? Those companies that fall into 250-1000 employees or endpoints that would reap the benefit of globally tailored products, services and solutions.

Cisco is wholeheartedly focused on midmarket, probably challenging preconceptions that we are only interested in the Enterprise and Public Sector segments. Many of our competitors view this sector as unattractive due to the relatively high cost of support and smaller ticket price compared to other segments. Cisco simply sees the opportunity the midmarket presents, and will continue to support our partners that thrive in serving these customers.

Why the Midmarket Focus?

The midmarket segment represents approximately 1.4 million mid-size companies and $65 Billion by 2019. This a substantially bigger opportunity than just serving Fortune 500 customers. So what does all of this mean?

It means a different set of rules of engagement. Everything is different when it comes to serving the midmarket. Not only should they have dedicated products, services and solutions, the sales approach differs from large enterprise. In many instances the customers’ decision making process also differs, typically with smaller teams and much less bureaucracy. While this reduced complexity tends to make decision-making happen faster and shortening the sales cycle, there is also inherent risk between partner and customer. You guessed it.  The age old adage – Trust.

Trust can be quickly gained with the right solution, but just as quickly lost if the customer is cajoled into something they may not want or need.

Enter the Cisco Trust Quotient

This is where Cisco can help you! Create your midmarket practice with the customer as its nucleus or as an extension of your business. And rely on Cisco to help you identify and create the ideal solution for your customers based on their needs – from growth to security we can help you tailor make what they need, ultimately solidifying a long standing relationship with them.

We have found that partners willing to bring next level solutions and recurring revenue models to the midmarket, like Partner Plus partners, are reaping the rewards. Are you ready to do the same? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Excellent blog post. Agree with you, that’s why I always tell my colleagues, when any of you are wondering what is the best solution for your networking, data mining, security issues, collaboration, support, learning path, ask no more, go Cisco. And to give my special touch, I tell them, my personal slogan: In Cisco We Trust. (That’s for any customer to keep in mind). Thank you for sharing your insights. Deeply appreciated.