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How Mobile Devices Impact the Network

- May 12, 2011 - 7 Comments

dog facebookAre you among the one third of smartphone owners who use social media applications from bed?

I’ll admit I was surprised to hear so many people check their phones even before having a morning cup of coffee, mostly because I didn’t realize other people did that, too!

This phenomena probably won’t be as surprising in a few years when there will be one mobile device for every person on Earth, according to the Connected World Report, 2010.

While these stats may sound like drivel, they actually underscore the importance that a reliable network plays (and will play) for an increasingly mobile workforce — not just for those people checking Facebook under the covers.

Let’s face it: a network built on “good enough” equipment isn’t going to deliver the same experience as one using next-generation equipment designed for the loads of today’s demanding applications—including voice, video, and data.

Curious about the importance of the network as it relates to mobile? Head over to Silicon Angle where Mike Rau (Vice President, CTO for the Borderless Network Architecture at Cisco) blogged on myth number one —The Single-Purpose Network Myth.

In the post, Mike explains that a good enough network is not designed to handle the needs of an increasingly mobile population, but is built to serve the single purpose of connecting users to resources in silos of connectivity. As mobility demands on the enterprise increase, he indicates that it becomes critical that an end user is consistently managed as they access the network, whether over a wired, wireless, or VPN connection.

Over the next seven weeks, Mike will address each of the seven myths in weekly blogs on Silicon Angle. We’ll recap them here, too, so check back for his latest post next week covering the second myth: Bolt-on security. (You can read his first post here laying out “The Seven Myths of the Good Enough Network” here.)

And be sure to let us know in the comments, what are some other network myths that need to be debunked? And are you among the 35% of people who check social media from bed?


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  1. Anna, Andrew, and Pattey -- is it scary that social media is the last thing we think about before we fall asleep and the first thing we do when we get up? Mia, do you use social media for work or just don't want to be on a computer when you're not working? Gareth, I think my dog must've learned it from me. It's ok for a dog to have a Facebook account, right?

  2. Great photo! That's one high tech pooch...

  3. I'm not a fan of social media outside work, just because the free time that i have i don't want to spend it online. However, social site have become a way of life for many, and in such a case connectivity and networking are a strict demand.

  4. Is that me that you are taking about? lol Not only do I check my social media aps before taking coffee in the morning, I also check it before going to bed at night.

  5. name is Andrew...and I'm a Social-Holic. I've been addicted for about...two years. Checking my Facebook before bed and when I wake up. I need help!

  6. Guilty as charged - I start and end every day checking my social media apps from bed.