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Guy Kawasaki Explains the Art of Innovation in 10 Steps

- July 7, 2009 - 13 Comments

At Cisco Live last week, the closing keynote featured entrepreneur, Twitter star, and former Apple software evangelist Guy Kawasaki. During his 25-year career, he’s learned a lot about innovation through both his successes and missteps. During his talk, Guy boiled down the art of innovation into 10 easy — and not so easy — steps:1. Make meaning2. Make a mantra (not a mission statement)3. Jump to the next curve4. Roll the dice5. Don’t worry, be crappy6. Let 100 flowers blossom7. Polarize people8. Churn, baby, churn9. Follow the 10-20-30 rule10. Don’t let the bozos get you downWatch the video to hear Guy’s irreverent explanation of these 10 steps, how to create your own successful innovations, and…generate revenue.
To catch keynote replays from Padmasree Warrior and John Chambers as well as other content from Cisco Live 2009, visit the Cisco Live virtual event.

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  1. Thank you so much, feliz. If there's any content you'd like to see on the blog, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  5. There's a reason he's got a massive following on Twitter and it's because he speaks a lot of sense and delivers it in a really simple, engaging way.Thanks for posting the keynote.

  6. I attended Cisco Live 2009 and am looking forward to watching the keynote of Guy Kawasaki again!

  7. Thanks for letting us know. Just pinged the Virtual team -- they said this issue will be corrected ASAP.

  8. FWIW, just checked it out but it doesn't seem to be open to registered users on the free side. Clicking on the view"" button simply spawns a dialog window: ""Have an account already and want premier access? Click here to upgrade..."""^0^1^^^0^0 14371^7622^William^^^^2009-07-17 01:41:11^2009-07-17 01:41:11^"Looking forward to a few years of the Terror"" period once the revolution is over."

  9. Hi everyone,Just found out that Guy Kawasaki's full keynote is now available on Cisco Live Virtual. (Registration is free if you just want to view keynotes.)Once you've logged in, head to the Auditorium and you'll see Guy's name in list of On-Demand keynotes."

  10. Like many of the other people who posted comments to this, I would love to see the full keynote from Guy. Please let us know when it is up. Thanks!

  11. Thanks, glad this was helpful. It was great to hear the whole speech in person and this short version is useful if you only have a few minutes. If you want to hear the whole thing...Guy Kawasaki’s full keynote will be available via Cisco Live Virtual. Just sign up for the free account which gives you access to view the keynotes (but not the technical sessions). I'm told that Guy's speech will be up soon. I can post an update here when it goes up."

  12. Excellent video! Guy always seems to give an awesome presentation...can we see the complete keynote w/o having to pay $400 for the full-on virtual event subscription?

  13. I enjoyed this a lot. Guy always has something to offer no matter where you are in the product or service development.