It’s October and that means it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  It’s a perfect time to have conversations with your colleagues, customers, family, and friends about the importance of cybersecurity not only in business but as part of our everyday lives. At the root of it, our customer’s cybersecurity challenges include people and complexity.  So make sure you check out our Cybersecurity Awareness Month hub, we have a lot of great information coming out throughout the month that you can share with your customers to address their challenges and create an open dialogue.

It’s also great time for you to evaluate your cybersecurity practice.  If you are not talking to your customers about their cybersecurity needs and the business outcomes they want to achieve, you can bet they are having those conversations with someone else.  As a Cisco partner, you can deliver much-needed security expertise, consulting, and managed services, which helps close deals with the important services wrapped around. Cisco’s continued innovations in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and Zero Trust help Cisco partners position and win effectively with our platform solution. Our open and integrated platform, SecureX, helps to create customer stickiness for partners, enabling you to land with key products and expand across the Cisco Secure portfolio.

Make sure you are aware of the latest programs and offers Cisco Secure has in place for you to maximize your profitability around cybersecurity.

The Key to Profitability

Security Deal Registration is the best way for you to maximize your profitability.  ​

We have simplified the deal registration process making it easier for you to receive additional up-front discounts and take advantage of even higher discounts when selling to net new customers or our Competitive Replacement and Migration Incentive Program for refreshing legacy customers or better yet displacing the competition.​​

Built for Velocity

We know you need to be able to sell products at the right price to increase velocity and scale. ​By now you should be aware of our Fast Track Regional Discounting which gives you regionalized pricing around the globe.  Recently, we have added the security SaaS portfolio to this program. Remember you’ll get your highest level of discount and discount differential protection with Security Deal Registration.

Get One Year on Us

The “One Year on Us” is a popular program that we launched a few quarters ago which provides customers with one year free with a three-year subscription for Secure Access by Duo.  If your customers are looking to adopt a Zero Trust strategy, Duo is a perfect entry point, and this offer makes it’s even more appealing to your customers.  You can still maximize your profitability on the via deal registration with this offer. Stay tuned because we are adding additional products to this offer very soon!

The Value of the Platform

Simplicity and integration are key to what we are building here at Cisco. SecureX is our cloud-native security platform that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your customer’s infrastructure. It allows customers to radically reduce dwell time and human-powered tasks.  It also creates a great opportunity for our partners to create value-added services on top of SecureX. Any Cisco Secure customer is entitled to SecureX and we have a great incentive for our partners to activate your customer on SecureX.

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Cybersecurity is something that is top of mind for all customers, use these programs and offers so that you can grow your business as your customers benefit from an integrated security platform.  We know our partners have a number of choices when positioning cybersecurity to their customers and we aim to be your number one partner in this area. We are passionately focused on enhancing your profitability and simplifying doing business with Cisco.  You can hear more about new offers and innovation we are launching by attending Cisco’s Partner Summit in early November.  This event is open to all Cisco Partners to attend so make sure you reserve your spot and check out our dedicated Security sessions.




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