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Green Learning for Cisco Partners Using iPads

- May 21, 2010 - 6 Comments

One of the hallmarks of Cisco’s close relationship with partners is the Learning Partner Program, which leverages Learning Partners as subject-matter experts to offer authorized training on the latest Cisco technologies. Partners involved in the program work closely with Cisco to offer a comprehensive set of training resources, from instructor-led courses to e-learning solutions.

To honor Learning Partners who demonstrated outstanding achievement in Acceleration, Collaboration, and Innovation over the past year, the Learning Partner Awards were handed out at this year’s Partner Summit. Tech 2000, the Global winner for Innovation, earned its stripes by pioneering new training modalities (ways of learning) that include Apple’s new iPad. Here’s Tech 2000’s CEO George Churchwell showing off “green” courseware using an iPad.

Other award winners, such as Skyline ATS, demonstrated a high level of collaboration with both Cisco and other Learning Partners.

New changes to the Learning Partner program are also afoot:

We’ll be evolving channel partner specializations from technologies to architectures to help partners develop integrated practices around borderless networks, collaboration, and data center virtualization. Learning Partners will be critical to this process as they will as they will play an integral role in providing training to transition partners and customers to broader consultative services and architectural solutions.

Visit our Authorized Learning Partner site to learn more about Cisco’s Learning Partner program or to become a Learning Partner.

And here’s a complete list of all of this year’s Learning Partner Award winners. Congratulations to all!

Worldwide Learning Partner of the Year: 

  • NIIT, Ltd.

Winners of Learning Partner of the Year by Theater:

  • Asia Pacific –  Global Knowledge Asia Pte, Ltd.
  • Emerging Markets –  Global Knowledge MEA
  • European Markets –  Fast Lane
  • Japan –  Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
  • United States & Canada –  Global Knowledge

Winners in the Excellence in Acceleration Category:

  • Asia Pacific – Global Knowledge
  • Emerging Markets – Global Knowledge
  • European Markets – Fast Lane (EU)
  • United States & Canada – New Horizons
  • Worldwide – Fast Lane (EU)

Winners in the Excellence in Collaboration Category:

  • Asia Pacific –  Training Partners Limited
  • Emerging Markets –  CTT
  • European Markets –  Fast Lane (EU)
  • United States & Canada –  Skyline ATS
  • Worldwide – Skyline ATS

Winners in the Excellence in Innovation Category:

  • Asia Pacific – Dimension Data
  • Emerging Markets – Fast Lane (CEE)
  • European Markets – NIL  
  • Japan –  IP Innovations
  • United States & Canada – Tech 2000 
  • Worldwide – Tech 2000



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  1. Very interesting .. thanks you

  2. I think iPad has a great potential.Obviously it needs some improvements but it is on the right road...It is a welcomed tool in education, medicine, making it more easy to access and consume new information, and increase productivity.It is about the applications and interactivity of the device, that makes the difference: here's a useful selection of the best ipad apps (top 50+) that might come in handy. And what is even better, it has the longest battery life, 10+ hour....definitely it is the future of HTML5 and cloud computing."

  3. The Flash iPad problem is NOT an issue. We Proxy convert to quicktime.

  4. Flash is not an issue with the Tech 2000 iPad/iPod/iPhone offering. We have a Proxy Conversion server that converts flash on-the-fly"" to quicktime for view the SDK platforms. We are hoping to roll this out soon. It is security issues for content theft that we are working to prevent right now."

  5. Yeah, it looks great when you're reading the books and videos from a touchpad but there are many materials from Cisco or Cisco Academy developed with the Adobe Flash technology. THIS is a BIG problem using the Apple iPad. I hope touchpads from other vendors will be ok.

  6. That looks really nice :) I've never really liked the size of the Cisco course material, and most of the Cisco press books are way to heavy.Any chance on seeing this kind of offering from PEC?Now I just have to get my hands on an iPad.