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Give Yourself A Raise, Save Time, and Reduce Pollution

- September 3, 2009 - 3 Comments


What’s one thing you can do to give yourself a raise, save time, reduce pollution, and get more done in a given day?

The answer is simple, and something you may already be doing: working from home. Thanks to faster Internet connections, WebEx, Unified Communications, and VPN, there may never be a reason to change out of your fuzzy slippers and drive to the office again. (OK, let’s not get carried away here.)

While you may already be singing the praises of telecommuting, if you need any more proof that you can save time, money, and reduce pollution by doing it, read on…

The state of Virginia held Telework Day on August 3, 2009 and just tallied up the results of 4,051 private sector and federal employees working from home for just one day. The results — available in the “What We Saved; What We Learned” report — show that if eligible employees in Virginia were to telecommute just one day a week per year, they would avoid driving 602 million miles (around 969 million kilometers), remove 360,800 tons of pollutants from the air, and save $807 million in commuting costs. For each individual worker, that one day per week at home would cut 46 hours off an annual commute and be the equivalent of an $1,822 annual raise.

Here are some more stats from the Telework Day report:

  • 69% of the 4,051 Virginia Telework Day participants said they accomplished more than on a typical day at the office
  • 91% of participants say they are now more likely to telework in the future
  • Virginia teleworkers saved $113,000 in commuting costs
  • They avoided driving 140,000 miles

To download the full results of the “What We Saved; What We Learned” report, please visit the Telework Exchange site. The Telework site also offers success stories and case studies. And, please share your telecommuting stories and best practices in the comments below.

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  1. This concept will hopefully become much more common amongst a lot more people in the business world. I would wonder if this may even drive gas prices down if this was applied in a much larger scale?

  2. Yes this would really help us in contributing towards green revolution as we save lot of time, fuel and hence would be more productive in business.

  3. Now that's a great idea! I really think other states should follow suit. This would probably save alot of cutbacks that are apparently necessary because of low funding. Great info, thanks!