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From Cisco Live to Partner Summit 2016: Digital Transformation Is in Our DNA

March 15, 2016 - 6 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Cisco Live in Berlin. The event itself was great, but that’s not what this blog is about. I want to share with you my experience AROUND the event.

Let’s start with the fact my usual taxi driver wasn’t available to pick me up for my morning flight. Not to worry, I was able to use Uber to immediately find a driver close to my house – I only waited for 10 minutes before he arrived.

On my way to the airport, I opened the app for my hotel and managed to check into my room remotely. I was able to see a map of all the floors and pick my preferred room (high floor, far from the elevator if you’re wondering).

Upon arrival in Germany, I used another app called Moovit to find the best route to my hotel via the public transportation system – I love people watching when I’m in a new place. The app showed me how to get from the airport to my hotel with the use of trains and the metro system – providing real time information about delays while re-routing for better routes and timetables.

Living in a “Me”- centric World

I can continue on and on about how I found local restaurants, got discounted tickets to the opera, or found where one of my favorite bands was playing. But, the key point to make is that we’re living in an amazing time – in an era where technology is integrated in our day-to-day lives, helping us experience the world in ways we couldn’t before.

Our new world has become “me”-centric. It’s all about the user experience – the way that relevant and important information is delivered to “me” when I need or ask for it. And indeed it’s about digitization – technology making people, processes and things work together to deliver these magical experiences to us.

All of this explains why the announcements we made at Partner Summit around the Digital Network Architecture and Digital Ready Network are so important.

Intelligent Networks

First let’s talk about the Digital Network Architecture (DNA). The Digital Network Architecture is a software-driven, services-centric network architecture designed to deliver innovative services.

This provides IT an opportunity to do four things:

  • Innovate faster
  • Reduce costs and complexity
  • Lower risk
  • Meet compliance

It’s all about the network being intelligent – reading our location, interpreting data and withdrawing useful, impactful analytics. This intelligence provides an understanding of how things (remember the trains in Berlin?) are behaving which enables the right information to be relayed to the user, all the while entirely connected to the cloud.

Only the network brings all these elements together, which allows organizations the opportunity to reach their full digital potential. In our fast-moving world, customers looking to digitize their business will need to evolve quickly and efficiently.

Speed is essential for business agility in a number of ways.

  • Faster data and insights will allow IT to provide business data for better decision-making, new revenue streams and support for new business models
  • A simplified network and automation process can quickly allow IT to adapt to new business requirements, while meeting service level requirements
  • By quickly identifying threats through real-time network-wide visibility and instant mitigation, sustainable compliance can be achieved

Accelerating Customers’ Digital Transformation

We also announced Digital Ready Network (DRN) – a sales campaign that accelerates the customer journey to digitization, building on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture.

Through this campaign, partners can accelerate their customers’ digital business transformation to lower costs, reduce risk, and drive faster innovation. DRN opens up exciting new opportunities for partners to accelerate install-base refresh and future-proof their customers’ network infrastructure. It also provides opportunity to establish recurring revenue streams through software license renewals and benefit from new incentives.

The Campaign includes the following sales enablement elements:

  • Business Relevant “Plays”: centered on how the network can help businesses make and save money, while reducing risk. The five initial plays are Workforce Experience, Customer Experience, Branch Agility, Security and IoT. Each provides both on-premise and cloud-managed versions.
  • Offers and Incentives: focused on helping your partners increase their deal volume, size, and mix.
  • Personalized Seller Portal: all sellers will receive personalized reports of their top refresh opportunities to help successfully identify, act upon and track customer network migration opportunities.


For Partners

Partners, lead your customers through a quick and easy journey with Cisco DNA. Learn more and start today.

Scale quickly by leveraging Cisco Distributors. They are here to help make sure partners are armed with everything they need to capitalize on digitization.

For Distributors

Distributors, make a big difference for your partners. Help them accelerate their customers’ digital transformation. Explore how with Cisco Digital Ready Network for distributors.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Connect with me on Twitter: @OrenCisco. And, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Great points made here Oren. Love the personal angles.

  2. Really nice overview @Oren. Many of the same experiences here before/during/after Cisco Live Berlin for me as well and as you noted, all leading up to what was an amazing #PS16. Great things happening at #Cisco.

  3. Much has and will be discussed around the topic of digital transformation, which has become a buzzword in today’s digital world. However, it is important to face the truth and realize the challenges companies face before they can begin their digital journey.
    Some say the world is transforming towards digital. In fact, the world has already been transformed into a digital one. Is your organisation ready for the digital transformation?

  4. Hello Oren, interesting read.
    what is your experience and partner feedback to digitization? do they follow you and agree with you or you have any resistance (i.e. business as usual is good enough)?

    • Hi Ula. Great question about relevancy. Yes. Partners are seeing this happening with their customers. We’re seeing large customers (big enterprises) even develop a new function called “Chief Digital Officer” to oversee the enterprise’s digital strategy overall – and control a big portion of budgets. Smaller companies also invest in these areas to be competitive and provide better experiences for their customers and employees.

      • Oren, thank you. So we can say, that this digitization is actually driven by customer demand and the partner has to adjust – so it is inevitable for partners. All they have to do is to respond to the customer needs and get on the train fast!