You could feel the energy rumbling through San Francisco’s air as over 2,000 partners stepped onto Moscone Center to learn about Cisco’s latest product news and partner technologies. The November 2016 Partner summit did not disappoint as it became the platform that launched Cisco’s UCS S-Series, a new addition to the Cisco UCS product portfolio.

Below are 10 key insights captured from partner executives who shared their excitement about the Cisco UCS S-Series and what it means for them, their customers, and the larger partner ecosystem.

  1. Cloudera Big Data for Cisco UCS

The UCS-Series offers configurability which is very important to Cloudera’s customers as they tailor their platforms to the workloads they’re running. Together with the UCS S-Series and Cloudera, customers can engage in next generation data management and analytics that run on top of Cisco’s scalable infrastructure.

  1. Commvault Data Protection for Cisco UCS

Commvault saw a clear need in the marketplace to innovate in the secondary storage space for its customers. Commvault partnered with Cisco to deliver new data protection solutions that leverage the UCS S-Series.

  1. IBM Cloud Object Storage for Cisco UCS S-Series

There’s a natural synergy between Cisco and IBM as both companies work to help customers do more with data. Specifically, the UCS S-Series and IBM Cloud Object Storage together enable customers to simply and cost-effectively manage data at scale at a time when they’re experiencing explosive data growth.

  1. Intel Powers Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers

The Cisco UCS S-Series delivers a unique value proposition to customers who cross the spectrum of data-intensive workloads. The solution allows customers to both optimize management of their workloads and lower their storage footprint. Together with Intel and UCS manager, customers can seamlessly integrate the S-Series into their infrastructure for immediate business benefits.

  1. MapR Converged Data Platform for UCS

The S-Series launch is a game changer because it offers the performance, flexibility, and uniform management needed at the hardware layer to drive innovation and lower costs. MapR offers similar management, processing, and analytics capabilities at the software layer. The combined forces of MapR and the Cisco UCS S-Series deliver a complete solution.

  1. Red Hat Storage and Big Data for Cisco UCS

After polling 500 customers, Red Hat learned that their customers could not easily manage their storage and data infrastructure due to the lack of agile and open platforms. Customers can now solve this challenge by leveraging the modularity and versatility found within the UCS S-Series along with Red Hat to lower their data and power consumption footprints.

  1. SAP HANA and Big Data for Cisco

The UCS S-Series provides SAP’s customers with a cost-effective infrastructure as well as a single interface to manage both their storage and CPU needs. The S-Series also enables SAP to bring together their big data solutions along with SAP’s HANA in-memory solutions to solve a wide variety of use cases for their customers.

  1. Scality RING Storage for Cisco UCS

The S-Series is an exciting step forward in the market because customers are looking to use scale-out storage as a foundation for their business, and they also require a solid infrastructure which is provided by the UCS S-Series. The UCS S-Series provides the form-factor, density, and manageability in a cost-effective manner for Scality’s customers to optimize their storage needs.

  1. StorMagic ROBO Storage for Cisco UCS

The S-Series solves the needs of StorMagic’s bigger customers who are processing large amounts of data and require a reliable, cost-effective solution. The UCS S-Series enables customers to handle a lot of warm data as well as centrally manage it with StorMagic which is integrated with UCS.

  1. Veeam Data Protection for Cisco UCS

Veeam provides its customers with data and application availability through its software that is run on Cisco’s fast and reliable UCS infrastructure. Furthermore, Veeam delivers data recovery for customers in minutes and even seconds, because its software runs on Cisco’s robust S-Series infrastructure. The joint partnership helps customers experience true business value.

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