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Flip Like We Do: A Cisco Channels Collaboratation

- August 4, 2010 - 1 Comment

If you get the opportunity to collaborate with the Greg “The World’s Most Interesting Intern” Justice, you take it!

So when our budding rap star and Cisco Channels crew member Andrew “Pdrew” Phillips had the chance, that’s just what he did.

Greg and Andrew formed the FlipBoyzz and after their world tour, are retiring from the club scene. But not before they recorded this music video entitled, “Flip Like We Do.”

So what was their inspiration?

“This song is really just a song about love,” according to Andrew, “An uncontrollable love for Flip cameras. It’s not about girls, money, private jets, or clothes…it’s about the footage. I just harnessed my inner, old, washed-up rock star.”

“Corporate hiphop. Dance Floor. Flip Video. That just happened,” said Greg.

If you want to listen to this song over and over, download the chart-topping FlipBoyzz song “Flip Like We Do”.

And while you’re listening, be sure to follow along with the lyrics:

Flip Like We Do

Cisco interns crazy flows, cruisin’ in Mercedes slow, 80s babies round the globe, international…
Chromed out, wrist strap, listenin’ to this rap, HD, one touch, recordin’ ’til the sun’s up.

Gucci suit, Nike shoes, you can’t Flip like we do, video round my neck, always getting mad respect.
Sun reflects off the chrome, on vacation, or in your home, flippin’ out that USB, wishin’ you was cool as me.

Whoa, I got my Flip cam. Up in the club, VIP, with my HD Flip cam. We’re gonna get this party started!

John Lennon, Let it Be, Flip Cam, set it free, private jet across the seas, weekend vacay in Paris
Birthday party, baby’s birth, at the club, ladies first, Flip cam, on the go, North Dakota, Mexico…

Whoa, I got my Flip cam. Up in the club, VIP, with my HD Flip cam. We’re gonna get this party started!

But Why?

You may be asking why we would bother singing songs, dancing around the Cisco campus, spinning around in office chairs, and rapping about the merits of a Flip camera. And what does it have to do with Cisco partners?

As we all saw with the now-famous, ubiquitous Old Spice social media campaign, involving a man in a bathroom answering audience Twitter questions on video, it drove the point home that really successful social media is unique, fun, catchy, and humorous – and engaging.

So, we decided to have a little fun of our own and collaborated with the World’s Most Interesting Intern on this song and video to show off Flip cameras and highlight the importance of collaboration. Two rap stars unite!

While your talents may not lie with singing, dancing, or rapping, the idea of having fun and creating engaging content isn’t beyond your reach. A Flip camera and some creativity can yield some great results. When you have fun with social media and video, your potential customers have a good time, too, and get more engaged.  


What do you think?

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  1. This Greg The World’s Most Interesting Intern series of videos is really making a great social media marketing impact, as we can observe by the huge number of comments on his blog posts here.Excellent idea !