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Five Reasons to Create a Facebook Fan Page and How to Do It

August 17, 2010 - 4 Comments

For the 500 million Facebook users around the globe, the site has become the de facto means of communicating with friends and relatives. Want to share photos of a recent family vacation or fill everyone in on your thoughts about a recent episode of TV show “Big Brother”? But Facebook is moving beyond just allowing friends to stay in touch with one another: It’s becoming a critical business tool, too.

But how? For starters, Facebook enables you to reach all of your customers with one portal. By aggregating all of your news, images, videos, and blog entries in one place, a Facebook fan page lets your customers (and even other Cisco partners) visit one spot for all of your company’s latest information. The best part is that it also lets them interact. And since so many people around the world are on Facebook already, there’s very little barrier for entry.

Creating a basic Facebook fan page for your company takes just a few steps. To guide you through the process, we’ve put together a video tutorial:

With all the different means of communicating out there—email, newsletters, Twitter—why should you create a Facebook fan page? Here are five compelling reasons for why a fan page is essential for business:

1) All Your Company’s Information is in One Place

Yes, we’ll say it again: You can integrate an RSS news feed from your blog (or another site), Flickr photos, YouTube videos, and Twitter feed on your Facebook fan page. Your customers can see all of that activity in one place, giving them a great snapshot of everything going on with your business.

2) Facebook Enables Group Discussions

When multiple users are engaging with the content on your fan page, they can interact not just with you, but with each other, creating a community around your business. When they post on your page, all of their friends see it, too. This helps you forge relationships with your customers in a way that you couldn’t, using an email newsletter, or even Twitter.

3) You Can Grow Your Reach

When someone “likes” your page, all of their Facebook friends in their network are able to see that, exposing them to your page, and potentially drawing in new fans. (And potential customers.)

4) Instant Feedback

Curious about whether a new product or new company initiative will gain traction? Creating a poll on your Facebook page enables you to solicit feedback from your fans, giving you a quick idea of what works and what doesn’t.

5) It’s Free

Enough said.

Want to learn more? Here’s a compendium of links from Facebook expert, author, and speaker Mari Smith from her own fan page. She offers advice on how to set up your fan page for maximum effect and reach.

Share your page! We asked Cisco partners via Twitter to submit fan pages and here’s a list of those we received:

Tweet us your fan page link or post it in the comments below.

Have questions about creating your own page or tips on how to trick out your fan page? Be sure to share that in the comments, too.

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