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Firewalls, Compliance and Drug Testing in Canada

April 20, 2017 - 3 Comments

Moving is a pain. Moving a business with nearly a thousand of you developing life-saving drugs every day is even more difficult. Doing that while upgrading your network and security to stay compliant with government regulations without a ridiculous price tag is just scary. This was the challenge one of Canada’s biggest pharmaceutical companies was facing when they asked Quadbridge, a Cisco Partner Plus partner, for help.

Quadbridge says…

A major pharmaceutical company in Montreal was on the move.

A new building. With 800 people creating and testing drugs. Day in, day out.

Their network needed an upgrade if it was going to help life in the new lab run seamlessly. And although they wanted something fast to stay in step with the market, they also needed to keep compliant with government standards.

At Quadbridge, we help our customers decide which IT solution fits their bill. And help them shop around for the best deal.

For what they needed, we knew it had to be based on Cisco. At first, the pharma company were a little worried about the cost. But together with Cisco, we figured out the right package at the right price to give them the functionality they needed.

Now, the new building stays secure with a firewall that adapts to their business: the Cisco ASA 550 Series. And their scientists keep connected with Cisco Aironet – wireless internet on every floor.

So, they can test, develop and market new drugs quicker than before. All while staying on the right side of industry rules.

Thanks, Quadbridge! And congratulations on your success in our Partner Plus Aspire program.

The story doesn’t end there. You can read more how Quadbridge made their customer happy.

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  1. Thank you to the Cisco Team for your hard work, Helene Roy and her team with Quadbridge is a winning formula

  2. Our partners, big and small, are doing great work for customers around the world. We need to tell more of their stories!

  3. Reading this story made me look at our Partnership coverage. Thank you