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Energize Your Partners to Collaborate Real-Time

April 13, 2016 - 2 Comments

Our lives are complicated. That’s the world we live in. The digital era has given us new opportunities through advances in technology (see my previous blog for more details on that), enabling us with a plethora of ways to communicate today.

My team is spread across the United States. We are made up of people just staring their career and seasoned veterans. We work across time zones, and with teams across the globe, so good communication is mission critical to ensure our success.

My group needed a solution that would give us the flexibility to communicate how we want and when we want. And the cloud-based solution we found is available to everyone, and creates one all-inclusive and simple space for businesses to work and grow.

Sound good? What’s this solution? It’s Cisco Spark.

Cisco Spark is multi-dimensional, which makes it unique. Teams can simplify and learn in real-time with the opportunity to talk, chat, and videoconference in one place.

Here’s how my team used it in a meeting last month.

We worked within our Spark Room, sharing photos, updates and our work. I’ve never seen a photo or reference to career longevity ignite such a fun environment. It was obvious – something was clicking.

I’ve collaborated on teams for years. Watching my team grow in a genuine and organic way was truly satisfying. Cisco Spark provided a secure platform that compelled my team to contribute – with the peace of mind that the information was protected. Teamwork was evident throughout the week because folks were receiving fewer emails and were communicating as one.

This shows how effective Cisco Spark can be and the difference that unified communications can make.

Making an Immediate Impact

For you, our distributors, it’s predictable profitability. As your partners sell and renew Cisco Spark, you have built-in margins on service and endpoints in the initial sale. You also collect recurring revenue from monthly or annual subscription renewals.

For your partners, they can quickly add new customers and grow their existing customer base. They profit by building their cloud practices and increasing their recurring revenue.

For your customers, this is a space for better collaboration. A virtual workspace for all to:

  1. Simplify the way they work together to be more responsive
  2. Be more flexible and efficient as a competitive advantage
  3. Move faster for better productivity and outcomes

Besides the ways Cisco Spark benefits distributors, partners and customers, research corroborates the impact Cisco Spark can have:

A Techaisle study found that 94% of high-growth midsized and small business companies said they wanted to:

  • Work with message, meeting and call capabilities
  • Function on a cloud-based solution

The driving factors are straightforward. Cisco Spark creates one all-inclusive and simple space for businesses to work and grow.

Spark follows you anywhere, on any device.

Spark follows you anywhere, on any device.


What customers using Cisco Spark are saying

According to Prader-Willi Syndrome Association, it’s all about working in real time. They said “calling, messaging and meeting options are simplifying the way we work together as a team and allow us to be more responsive to clients and in working towards a cure.”


Golin-Harris brings account teams, clients, and their best ideas together in one place with the Cisco Spark application. They noted that “clients tell us that we’re extremely nimble and flexible. As other agencies catch up, we need to take two steps ahead. Tools like Cisco Spark help us stay out in front.”

Telstra gets work done faster with Cisco Spark. “The information in a Spark team room provides the context for the conversation. Outcomes have improved, and meetings that used to take an hour can now take 20 minutes.”


Your opportunity

As Distributors, the opportunity is tremendous. Your partners want a simple, single/integrated solution – Cisco Spark does that. This cloud-based offering combines unmatched services. Just click here to try it for yourself – and for free!

Please share your experiences of how cloud-based services are valuable to your partners and customers and how this helps you differentiate yourself in the market. Leave a comment or keeping the conversation going on Twitter, @OrenCisco.


*Techaisle global survey of small and midsize businesses, 2015


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  1. Your article makes me want to join this new way of collaborating. Most of my team members are using Spark but up until now I wasn’t curious to add another tool to collaborate. Your read got me curious enough to watch to experience what the community is raving about. I’m now logging in & creating my own account. I want to experience this new way. I’ll update you w/my feedback after a few days of using it.

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you’ll be trying Spark.
      We did need to change a bit the way we work – mainly how we collaborate and to follow through, but we’re certainly seeing the benefits. Also, there’s such a great integration between all our devices (including email functionality) using Spark that we’re really enjoying it – instead of using many collab tools.