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Embarking on an Exciting Evolution: What Partners Need to Know

- May 6, 2011 - 7 Comments

I’ve heard time and again from you (our partners) that we need to simplify, and make it easier to do business with us. Yesterday, we took a leap forward in streamlining Cisco.

Here are the three things I’d like to emphasize about the changes we announced on May 5.

1)    Simplicity.

I promised you at Partner Summit in New Orleans that we would simplify. Yesterday we followed through on that pledge by streamlining our sales, services, and engineering organizations at Cisco.

2)    Profitability.

My top priority is your profitability. We will continue to innovate and invest in industry leading programs like VIP and OIP. And, together we will drive growth and profitability in five key areas:

•    core  (routing, switching, and services)
•    collaboration
•    data center, virtualization, and cloud
•    video
•    architectures

3)    Agility.

To drive mutual customer success you have told me that we need to be able to make decisions faster. We’re aligning our sales force into three geographic regions: Americas (U.S., Canada, and Latin America); Europe, Middle East, and Africa; and Asia Pacific, Japan, Greater China, to provide you with faster access to the regional expertise you need – when you need it.

For additional information on today’s news, please visit our News@Cisco site.

What do you think of these changes? As always, your feedback shapes our strategy, so please share your questions and thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Thanks for taking the time share your thoughts and suggestions. I am responsible for our partner programs, like VIP. We agree that VIP should not be used as discount for the customer in a transaction. VIP was and is intended for investing in a practice that helps partners be profitable and develop value-add services around target architectures. Partners who have developed these services are in a better position to win the transaction. I like the idea of rewarding partners for having the capabilities to deploy new technologies or perhaps having the willingness to work through the early stages of a new technology’s lifecycle with Cisco. Cisco has other incentives that reward partners for opportunity development, selling solutions, and teaming with Cisco and want to keep these separated from the VIP intent. Keep the feedback coming. I invite you and any other partner who wants to talk about VIP to post a comment here or contact me directly (rimoreno at Thanks!

  2. Hi Keith, great to know that Cisco has taken feedback on partner profitability and is keen to improve this for us. In India T1 partners have had to completely discount the VIP to stay competitive.Imagine discounting VIP about 2 Qtrs in advance!!! To address this, my suggestion would be to consider linking VIP eligibility to the GTM matrix – where the SI is eligible for % VIP based on his GTM preference (opp development, demo/pilot, capability to address upcoming new technology opportunities etc) in the deal. In the interest of partner profitability this could be a good deterrent for SI’s not to discount VIP during a sale.

  3. This is great news. I used to deliver enterprise UC solutions in my previous job but I've since started my own business to help the SMB market use technology to become more competitive. Even with 5+ years delivering in the Cisco space trying to figure out where to go for guidance on the account management side of a Cisco relationship is dizzying!

    • Phil, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. Glad you agree we are taking steps in the right direction. You will see more changes coming as we continue to evolve our partner organization per the announcement made last week so keep checking this blog for more updates and continue to provide feedback on the changes we make/announce. Of course if you have any specific ideas as to how we could make Cisco easier to partner with please let me know as I welcome your feedback.

  4. Keith, I am in a tier 2 city. As of this writing, I have two different TAM's three different ICAM's and two or three (I think) different other sales folks that I deal with all based on customers size. That is too many. There is no one "goto" guy in the patch when I need help selling. One TAM and one CAM is all is needed. Since I deal with the SMB and Enterprise size customers successfully, I would think your sales force could do the same. I am confused why so many. The product line though be it large is not that large. You ask us re-sellers to understand the product line, I would think your sales team could do the same.

    • Doug, thanks for taking a moment to provide us with some candid feedback. We know we have to become less complex and easier to do business with to succeed in the future. This is a company-wide top priority and last week we took a major step toward greater simplification. We still have more work in front us, but I am confident we have the people and focus to improve. Cisco has benefited from customer segmentation and we are committed to continue with that strategy even though it does add complexity. In order to help our partners navigate our segmented sales teams, we have purposely designed our partner organization so that partners have one Partner Account Manager. This single point of contact does not eliminate all the complexity, but it should make us easier to do business with. We will consider some collapsing of sales teams as we continue to evolve our sales organization per the announcement last week. That said, I welcome additional feedback on how we can become easier to do business with and would encourage readers/partners to leave a comment. Looking forward to the continued dialog as I am committed to listening and taking action.

  5. well still waiting for your service and support in Pakistan. Its not very far from India. People use here service like skype as business communications mean. I think using cisco video videoconferencing and smart data transfer structure and alot more option regarding networks it would be more easy and convenient all-in-one.