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Cloud Innovation: An Ecosystem Makes it Possible

March 11, 2015 - 5 Comments

Momentum is building with Cisco’s Intercloud strategy.  And today’s announcement brings Intercloud infrastructure innovation, as well as 14 new Intercloud providers headquartered in ten countries into Cisco’s expanding partner ecosystem.

new partner mapTogether with our partners, Cisco is building the Intercloud – the globally connected network of clouds – delivering secure cloud applications and infrastructure everywhere in the world. It has what Chief Information Officers (CIOs) want and need – great choice, with compliance and control – enabling virtual machine portability, application-centric policy control and open standards. Service orchestration is a key challenge facing CIOs today. They face increasing demands for automation, infrastructure and data alignment.  Yet, when they turn to a single vendor for cloud services, instead of a robust and connected partner ecosystem, they are settling for limited services, less opportunity for innovation and restrictions on network connectivity and data movement. In essence, a one vendor cloud solution can trap a customer in a world of isolated clouds.

intercloud-ig-03092015-1-638On the other hand, the Cisco Partner Ecosystem gives organizations:

  • Web-scale architecture
  • API-driven automation
  • Open, secure, hybrid options
  • Curated marketplace of services and solutions
  • Geo affinity and data sovereignty
  • Compliance regulations
  • Infinite scale and great flexibility

In addition, Cisco and Microsoft have announced the Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.  The joint engineering between Cisco and Microsoft enables operational simplicity and control via streamlined integration between Microsoft System Center and Cisco’s highly available UCS server platform.  Cisco is in the process of developing the Cisco Powered cloud services designation so the global partner ecosystem can deliver enterprise class cloud services from this new architecture.

It’s this type of next generation infrastructure combined with the expertise of industry-leading partners that’s so incredibly powerful. With the 14 new Intercloud providers we added today, Cisco now has more than 60 partners spanning more than 350 data centers in 50 countries.  Now that’s momentum!  Most cloud players are driving a vendor-centric model, whereas, ours is a model based on collaboration and a truly global reach.

This demonstrates not only Cisco’s continued commitment to a partner centric model, but also increases opportunities for you, our partners, to bring Intercloud to life for your own customers.

When it comes to the world of Intercloud, it really does take an ecosystem. A single vendor with limited options, a smaller network of data centers and restrictions on the movement of workloads, is no match for a robust and expanding network-centric partner ecosystem providing vast choices and data sovereignty to customers. It’s the model that is going to win in the marketplace because no one vendor can tackle cloud alone and single-handedly meet all the needs of today’s organizations. They need the global Intercloud for the breadth of cloud innovation.

Cisco and our partners are bringing Intercloud to life. Together, we are transforming the cloud marketplace! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. From a collaboration perspective I'm excited for what Intercloud is delivering and will continue to deliver. I'll echo @Yogesh that flexibility in workload mobility is enabled by the Intercloud. The fact that users will have access to their collaboration capabilities from wherever they work will change collaboration as we see it to day. Being in a different location will no longer be a barrier to effective collaboration.

  2. This is great news for Cloud and Cisco Inter-cloud. Where can I find a list of all signed Intercloud providers?

    • Thanks, Brendan – I agree, this is great news. You can find more information about the 14 new partners we announced yesterday as well as the 29 partners we announced on September 29 Factsheet: ocated in the announcement. You can also find more information about any of our partners in the Partner Locator:

    • Thanks, Brendan – I agree, this is great news. You can find more information about the 14 new partners we announced yesterday as well as the 29 partners we announced on September 29 in the Fact Sheet: located in the announcement. You can also find more information about any of our partners in the Cisco Partner Locator:

  3. Cisco's intercloud is a great strategy in the cloud space. It presents SPs and enterprises with a wide array of choice of cloud providers that are curated. It also prevents them from lockin with so many choices that will grow moving forward. Workload mobility is one of the biggest flexibility intercloud offers along with services provided bu various cloud vendors. It would be good to elaborate on what kind of services these cloud vendors would provide and whether these services would avaialble across all providers in the intercloud. Also specific use cases taking into account global enterprises to demonstrate the power of intercloud would bring forward true global value of intercloud.