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Closing UCS Business Quick & Easy with the NEW SmartPlay Select Program

May 20, 2015 - 0 Comments

Cisco launched the original SmartPlay program in 2010. Since then our partners have seen tremendous momentum from special Unified Computing System (UCS) bundled offers. It has been the ‘go to’ program for our partners to accelerate the sales cycle into new & existing UCS accounts, and it was the catalyst for our online build and price tool that went live in 2011. Now we are continuing to evolve the program to meet the needs of the market with the new SmartPlay Select Program.

Partners spoke. We listened.

We spent a lot of time talking to partners, customers and the Cisco field teams to understand what worked and where we could improve the SmartPlay program. We heard you loud and clear that you needed more flexibility and greater partner protection in your deals.  You needed out of the box memory installs and greater quantities so you could scale.  We get it, and we are delivering.

From your feedback, we’ve made many improvements to the program:

  • The elimination of pre-configured bundles gives you the flexibility to build the perfect “Select” bundle based on your customer’s needs – now you can build-your-own-bundles
  • Partner protection was added to ALL SmartPlay Select offers via Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP), Teaming Incentive Program (TIP), and New Account Breakaway (NAB) for Cisco UCS – across all offers
  • Cisco ONE Foundation for compute included with each Server
  • Quantity limitations were greatly increased- buy up to 50 servers!
  • Memory options are now factory integrated in the SmartPlay Select server of your choice;
  • Try & Buy eligibility
  • We’ve expanded the choices of SmartNet [LINK] offerings available

There are many UCS customers expanding their UCS deployments and SmartPlay Select offers a wider choice of blade and rack mount configurations to meet their needs.

Order off the menu

We separated the building blocks of fabric interconnect, chassis, B-Series blades and C-Series rack mount servers.  This creates a menu to build your own bundle with and then stack it with the applicable partner programs.


The building block approach creates valuable use cases for SmartPlay Select:

  • Buy only what building blocks you need
  • Leverage the fabric interconnect only building block for customers looking to upgrade from the older 6100 Series Fabric Interconnect
  • C-Series servers are available without fabric interconnects. Use these for edge deployments or expanding an existing C-Series deployment where Fabric Interconnects are already present
  • UCS Mini can leverage either M3 or M4 B200 servers based on customers’ needs

This is just a flavor of how you can leverage this program to better meet the needs of your customers – quickly and easily.

Let’s hear it

Please keep your feedback coming.  We are excited about the improvements we have made and about the new SmartPlay Select program.  We will continue to build and evolve our programs that help you accelerate your business and allow you to grow your UCS business practice quickly.

It is important to note that SmartPlay 8 has been extended until July 25, 2015, in order to give customers and partners plenty of time to transition to SmartPlay Select.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. As I mentioned above, your feedback helps drive program decisions and I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

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