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Clearing the Air for Partners Around CleanAir Technologies

- June 2, 2010 - 2 Comments

It’s been a common source of frustration ever since wireless networking was invented: interference, dropped downloads, choppy video. But what if your customers could have the same reliability as a wired connection on their wireless network?

Enter, Cisco’s new series of wireless access points with CleanAir technology. CleanAir clears the air by cutting down sources of interference that “share the air” with wireless routers.

I sat down with Channel Account Manager and CleanAir expert Mike Glew via TelePresence to find out what this technology means for partners and how it benefits customers.


 More highlights from our interview:

During our interview, Glew also discussed the importance of partners taking advantage of network assessments. (Talk to your CAM to get nominated between now and July 31, 2010. Visit the Cisco-Funded Network Assessments page to learn more.)

Assessments help customers identify gaps, offer guidance on upgrading the customer’s infrastructure, and explain why additional infrastructure may be needed to run specific applications (such as medical records, point of presence, or retail displays).

CleanAir is just one piece of Cisco’s Borderless Network architecture, allowing employees the flexibility to connect anywhere, anytime, and using any device -– even personal devices like Blackberries, iPhones, and iPads.

If you want to learn more, catch a replay of Cisco’s live, interactive Talk2Cisco CleanAir chat with an indepth discussion, interview, and questions from the customer and partner communities.


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  1. If you have run into problems where you cannot tell what is using your Wi-Fi network or random disconnects or reboots then interference may be the cause. Given the exponential growth of wireless devices and interferers; you will experience spectrum problems soon..CleanAir technology tells you what type of device interferer(Jammer, Wi-Fi Inverted, wireless cameras, Non-typical channels, TDD Phone, Bluetooth, Microwave Oven, Xbox, Dect Phone..think of a signature database similar to antivirus). You also get the zone of impact on WCS/MSE maps, historical reporting, automatically changes channels via RRM, Integrated into client troubleshooting and other tools.

  2. Kind of still not clear (no pun intended)- does this just tell you potential sources of wifi interference or somehow cuts through them? To be honest it's been a LONG time since my wifi signal has been disrupted by Cell-phone chatter, microwave noise, or cordless phones - so the video isn't selling me either.