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Cisco Secure Borderless Networks: VPN To Go

- March 3, 2010 - 3 Comments

When I sat in the Secure Borderless Networks press conference yesterday listening to the news about the virtual private network being reinvented, I started daydreaming a bit. I imagined how great it would be to travel and not have to think about being connected to the network, not having to worry about some hotel’s flaky wi-fi dropping out when I’m trying to make travel reservations, or having to worry about whether my connection is secure at a local coffee shop. From a user perspective, the best thing about these new Secure Borderless Networks solutions is that you just don’t have to think about your network. It follows you anywhere and works securely from any device.

From a partner perspective, helping customers deploy the solutions means bringing their own expertise and helping customers assess their networks and asking the right questions to ensure that they’re getting the right solutions. Plus, partners are there to help customers sort through the complexities of managing the variety of devices accessing the network, they understand right policies to put in place, and ensure the right controls are there to keep things secure.

In the video below, we chat with some Cisco experts about the Secure Borderless Networks solutions launched today and what they mean for partners as well as customers.

Read more about the solutions portfolio and additional news being announced:

Cisco at the RSA Security Conference 2010


Solution Portfolio

Security Solutions

What does it mean to you to be able to work anywhere and bring the network with you?

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  1. VPN can be free by using some of the many Open Source projects, however in the corporate setting Cisco's products are hands down for high security and reliability. I guess they saying goes you get what you pay for!

  2. The VPN reinvention is a wonder in network industry. Main advantage about Secure Border less Networks solutions is that network follows anywhere and works securely from any device.Keep posting the information like this…its really interesting.

  3. One more reason to stop using firewall!!