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Cisco CTO Talks About Partners Leading Next Generation Internet Evolution

- February 23, 2010 - 6 Comments

All around us, the Internet is evolving from what used to be pipes serving up email and web sites to a global borderless network carrying data, images, video, tweets, TelePresence meetings, WebEx conferences, Facebook posts, and a host of other transmissions.

As Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior details in this video interview below, Cisco partners will play an important role in this Next Generation Internet evolution which will require new products, technologies, and solutions. (Watch the first interview as Padma talks more indepth about the changes the Next Generation Internet will bring.)

Cisco’s investments into these areas fall into four major buckets:

  • video
  • collaboration
  • data center/virtualization
  • and borderless networks (which is the core to enabling all of the aforementioned)

As Padma points out, the next-generation Internet is more than products, it’s a new way of thinking. What does the next-generation Internet mean to you and your customers?

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  1. I can very well understand the importance of internet evolution,and its really going to be an competitive one.Even now cisco is taking tremendous effort in the development of the technologies and i also admit that CISCO along with it's partner going to perform a vital task for the next generation internet.The interview of Ms.Padma is really inspiring and giving a clear outline about the emerging internet technologies and its importance.Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking info to all!!

  2. nice interview and I've learned a lot about the internet transformation.

  3. Fantastic blog!!I think Cisco partners will play a significant role in Next Generation Internet evolution. It’s really great blog to know about Next Generation Internet. As Cisco CTO padma said it’s true that the next-generation Internet is more than products.

  4. Hi ayaz,Thanks so much for your questions. Are these directed at Padmasree or are you simply looking to learn more about Cisco's strategies for channel partners?

  5. (1) how have cisco's channals evolved in the last 10-15 yrs? why have they evolved that way?(2)what does the future look like?(3) what grade would u give cisco for managing that evolution? good or bad? why?(4)against the background of ur ans to question #1and #2, how should cisco distribute?(5)VoIp products ? through voice VARs? dqata VARs or both?(6)what ur questions to ''pyramid'' model advanced in figure C of the case ? what is the core concept of the model ?is there an alternative evolutionary model that cisco should adopt ?

  6. Very nice blog!!!Cisco CTO Padma’s talk was really interesting. I got few information on changes the Next Generation Internet will bring. It’s an innovative way of thinking in Next Generation Internet evolution.