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Cisco Smart Solutions: What Makes Them So Smart?

- March 26, 2013 - 0 Comments

Here at Cisco, we believe that Smart Solutions are game changers: a way to start new conversations with your customers and expand your sales. Now is the time to make sure you understand the Smart Solutions conversation so we can build new business opportunities together.

What is a Smart Solution?
The Smart Solutions concept is designed with two goals in mind: first, how do Cisco and our partners make it easier for our customers to achieve their business objectives by leveraging the full breadth of the Cisco portfolio? Second, how will we scale these solutions, especially through a Partner Led approach, where sales and full life cycle support is provided exclusively through partners?

The simple answer is that a Cisco Smart Solution integrates, pre-tests, and validates Cisco products for how they work together. In some cases, these Smart Solutions include third party technology which is also tested as a part of the whole offer. The idea is to include intellectual assets such as design guides, implementation guides, and customer use cases that partners can use to build a practice and accelerate pilot to profit. Cisco includes a full suite of pre-sales tools such as sales enablement and demand generation programs. Soon we will offer customer intelligence, including market insights and information on buying behaviors to help partners prospect and qualify customers.

What does it mean for the partner community? 

Historically, you spent time testing and pre-integrating our products – a process that’s time consuming but on which you make little to no margin. Many of you have told us if we can provide you with integrated, pre-tested solutions, versus point products, you can make better use of your valuable (and billable!) resources by focusing them on selling and providing services that generate more profit for you. We understand. That’s why we’re offering you pre-tested, pre-validated solutions that take that “pre-work” off your plate. We know you would rather spend more time growing your consulting and services business by providing richer solutions and increasing customer intimacy.

Current Cisco Smart Solutions address current customer challenges such as BYOD, virtualizing the workspace, and connecting customers to specialists instantly. We welcome your feedback on the Smart Solutions that are in the market place today and we want to hear from you about new areas we should be focused on that can help you grow your business with Cisco.

And we also want you to weigh in! Give us feedback on which Smart Solutions you will build a practice around and why? Tell us where we should focus next to help you grow your business with Cisco.


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