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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014 - 0 Comments

Each week, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco partner news and stories, as well as point you to important, Cisco-related partner content you may have missed along the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

We are getting really, really close to Cisco Partner Summit 2014. I have not started packing yet, but I will start planning that out soon. Oh never mind, who am I kidding? I am the world’s worst procrastinator when it comes to packing. I’ll probably still be stuffing things into my bag on the way to the airport.

Regardless of my lack of planning when it comes to what I’ll be wearing in Las Vegas, we have put together a great social media plan for our partners heading into this year’s Partner Summit. We have already shared with you our general kickoff information and the social media contests for this year. This week we have some more Partner Summit information for you, but first, let’s talk about the latest post from Richard McLeod.

Off the Top

Richard posted about opening new opportunities with collaboration earlier this week. Richard’s post was part of a broader collaboration launch covered in a news release and in a blog from Rowan Trollope. I would suggest checking out all three, but as a Cisco partner, if you only have time for one, read Richard’s blog.

Richard covers how the news from Wednesday affects partners. With a focus on how to make collaboration simple and more affordable; increasing sales and profitability; and opening up new opportunities, Richard’s blog is well worth your time.

Be sure to let Richard know what you think in the comments section as well.

Cisco Partner Summit 2014

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming, Cisco Partner Summit 2014!

This week I posted a preview of Virtual Partner Summit (VPS). If you’re not going to be in Las Vegas this year, you definitely need to register for VPS. My blog post from Wednesday gives you a walkthrough of what VPS looks like and what type of information you can find there.

We also introduced our Cisco Partner Summit Ambassadors this week. This is the third year of the Partner Ambassador program. It allows the partner ambassadors to blog and tweet about their thoughts and impressions on what they are hearing at Partner Summit. Be sure to check out this year’s ambassadors and let us know what you think!

Partner Voices

In the midst of the Cisco Partner Summit whirlwind, we did manage to post a great, new Partner Voices feature on ePlus. ePlus is one of this year’s partner ambassadors, and they deployed a FlexPod solution for a client, using Cisco tech.

My interview with ePlus is a good synopsis of the full-length case study. If you have time, you should check out both.

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