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Cisco Partner Summit Day 3: Wrapping up the Week

April 30, 2015 - 2 Comments


This morning, Bruce Klein welcomed everyone back to the morning general session for one last time at Cisco Partner Summit 2015. He mentioned that it’s been such a great week he wishes that we could all stay together a couple more days.

Bruce commented on the fabulous regional parties from last night and he even showed a clip of some footage from the GoPro cameras that were given to partners this week. The highlights from all of the parties certainly highlighted that the partners embraced the theme of “Being Bold” this week.

Speaking of video, let’s take one last look at the highlights from this week’s event:

Bruce then introduced the guest speaker for the morning, Steven Kotler. Steven Kotler is a best-selling author and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project.

Steven Kotler

He asked the crowd if they remembered being young and wanting to change the world. In his opinion, everyone wanted to have a huge impact on the world at some point, but many of us were limited because we didn’t have the tools and technologies to effect change on a global level. However, we do have those technologies now.

We are seeing exponential technology drive exponential growth around the world. A great example, according to Steven, is Moore’s Law. We didn’t expect Moore’s law to continue at the same level as when it was introduced, but it has. That exponential leap in technology is exactly why the smartphone you carry around every day is faster and cheaper than a super computer from the 1970s.

Because of these leaps, Steven said that science fiction is becoming science fact. We are seeing cryonics become a reality. About 50 percent of the human body can currently be replaced with bionics. The explosion of 3D printing is another example of how science fiction is becoming reality, and it’s a technology that lets you scale, which is another thing needed to change the world.

Steven said that exponential progression is typically marked by the six “Ds”:

  • Digitalization – A technology becomes exponential once it becomes digitalized.
  • Deception – Technologies are introduced and then fall into a deceptive period where they are often dismissed.
  • Disruption – Technologies then play a role in subverting established industries.
  • Demonetization – Technologies remove money from the equation for earlier tech. (i.e. digital images versus film)
  • Dematerialization – Technology begins to combine with other tech and dematerialize as a stand-alone item.
  • Democratization – Technologies become cheaper and cheaper and everyone has it.

In order to Be Bold, which is what we’ve asked everyone to do all week, Steven says you must be on top of your mental game. Without the right mindset or the right mental tools, you won’t succeed. That is exactly the concept of “Flow.” The best way to describe Flow is that it’s like being “in the zone” in sports. It is a peak mental state where we feel and perform at our best. Action and awareness merge. Your sense of self dissolves and often, time dilation occurs.

Steven said that we’ve all experienced flow, and that we can definitely train ourselves to get into that mode more and more. It is a powerful experience. Researchers feel that Flow sits at the heart of every sports championship, most scientific and artistic breakthroughs.

With Flow being trainable and providing such a huge boost in productivity, it is something that all companies should push for. In fact, Steven said that Flow is the biggest accelerator of learning that we know about. Exponential organizations are so much more productive than their competitors because they embrace using Flow. Steven said you can’t afford for your competitors to be more productive that you. You have to embrace being exponential as well, and Be Bold!

Chuck Robbins

Chuck Robbins took the stage to close out day three of Partner Summit. He took a look back at a great week, highlighting some of the partners’ funniest tweets of the week along with taking a look back at the announcements and iTalks from main stage. Don’t forget, you can get a complete recap of those announcements and iTalks in my recaps from day one and day two.

Chuck said that customers are asking “What’s Cisco’s digitization strategy?” Everyone is asking it, in fact, not just customers. In 2013, Gartner said that 75 percent of all companies acknowledged that they need to have a digitalization strategy. How many companies actually have a digitalization strategy today? 7 percent.

Chuck drove home that this is an invitation for all of us over the next few years. The rules have changed. We have to deal with the macroeconomic challenges of the world economy, but that is also causing companies to change the rules.

There have to be new rules for IT as well. Historically CIOs have spent 75 percent of their time within IT doing systems integration and more traditional IT work. Now they need to amp up their strategic value directly to the line of business and to the CEO. They have to add strategic value, digital leadership and deliver outcomes.

Chuck said, “What we ultimately have to help our clients create isn’t just a digital enterprise, it has to be a dynamic digital enterprise.” He believes that within two to five years, any application should be able to provision any asset on the network in real time. That is where we are headed, and Chuck understands it’s complex stuff, but we have to simplify it for our customers. We are in a great position to do just that, because that is what Cisco does.

Chuck closed with, “Regardless of the transitions that occur, we are all in with you. I want you to know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that we are all in with you just like you’ve been so committed to us.”

Bruce Klein

Bruce wrapped up the week by backing up Chuck’s closing statement that we are all in for partners, and by talking about innovation and Cisco’s differentiation. Bruce said, “When we’re bolder together, and taking markets together, there is no one that can beat us.”

Finally, Bruce did announce that next year Partner Summit is San Diego, CA from February 29 through March 3 before wishing everyone a safe trip home.

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That’s a wrap

That’s it for live coverage from here in Montreal, Canada. I’ll be heading back to the U.S. tomorrow, but I’ll continue to bring you coverage through next Friday as we wrap up everything from this year’s Cisco Partner Summit 2015. Stay tuned!

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