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Cisco Partner Summit Day 2: The Pace of Change

March 26, 2014 - 0 Comments

With day one of Cisco Partner Summit covering the Cisco Partner Ecosystem, day two opened with the Magnetic Poets and a performance that included the entire audience. Partners were able to open day two of the event by performing with the band, via their own mobile devices.

Bruce Klein, Cisco SVP of Worldwide Partner Organization, then took the stage and talked about the continuing level of excitement this week. He kept things brief, since he wanted partners prepared for a different format for the General Session on day two this year. This morning’s session featured five Cisco executives speaking for 15 minutes each, focusing on the subject to be covered in an afternoon business transformation sessions.

We were able to catch up with partners to hear their perspectives on the 15 minute talks from today’s General Session. Here’s what they had to say:

Read on for a full recap of day two of Cisco Partner Summit.

Padmasree Warrior – Next Generation IT

Padma, Cisco Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, set the stage for the rest of the executives by talking about Cisco’s path to next generation IT. She said that last year she introduced a model for next generation IT that was driven by cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). IT has hit an inflection point now, however, that has caused us all to accelerate.

Next generation IT must enable the Internet of Everything (IoE). Cisco and its partners, according to Padma, are leading the way and have made great strides in the areas that support Cisco’s model for next generation IT. That model rests on a Unified Platform, built upon a Services Platform, an Application Enablement Platform and an Infrastructure Platform. That Unified Platform fully supports the Cisco approach of “Build – Buy – Partner – Integrate.”

She pointed out that Cisco partners have a great deal of opportunity before them. They still:

  • Can lead the industry with next generation IT for mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Can unlock tremendous business value with IoE
  • Are in a unique position to deliver differentiated solutions

Padma ended with, “Together we led the networking industry. Together we will lead the IT space. Together let’s build an amazing future.”

Rowan Trollope – Collaboration

Next up to the stage was Rowan Trollope, Cisco SVP of Collaboration, carrying a Cisco box that contained “everything he learned in the last 18 months at Cisco.” Rowan went on to explain how the incredible technology of the Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set provides amazing quality at an affordable price.

When Rowan first started at Cisco, he wanted to meet with all of his team members individually, which he thought would require traveling. That was before he used Cisco’s TelePresence technology and realized what an incredible experience it was – he could collaborate and have great meetings with someone halfway around the world right from his own garage. This is where the idea for Cisco’s TelePresence SX10 was born – he wanted to bring the TP experience to every boardroom, every office, every home.

Not only is the SX10 affordable, it is also simple to install, which is why Rowan has deemed it the “DIY TelePresence.” He even demoed the setup from start to finish on stage using only the three pieces in the box – Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, and the SX10 device. In less than five minutes, we were collaborating with someone back in San Jose using a basic flat screen TV and the SX10 – doesn’t get much easier than that.

The Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set builds upon elements many companies already have in smaller meeting spaces—flat panel displays—to create incredible video meeting spaces. By making such a high-quality experience available at such an attractive price point, Cisco aims to make video the de facto collaboration tool for every conference room. To read more about the SX10 and other new collaboration products, go here.

Rob Lloyd – Intercloud

Rowan then handed the reins to Rob, Cisco President, Development and Sales, who asked, “Why are we announcing more about cloud just 10 months after our last summit? Well the pace of change has picked up even more. As John Chambers said yesterday, the pace of change is accelerating.”

Rob said he has heard the Cisco is late to the party with its announcement of Global Intercloud this week and commented that Cisco already has a huge, $1.1 billion Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business already. Cisco and its partners have built a $2 billion infrastructure business. But what we are hearing today from customers is all about hybrid cloud.

Customers will continue to build out private clouds, but they are now looking to deliver a hybrid cloud model that gives them control over mobility and security. When we look at that approach, it supports the move that Cisco announced this week. The concept of Intercloud is about connecting all the clouds. Simply put, it is the platform for IoE. Rob believes the vision to connect all the clouds, and to be the platform for IoE, is something that only Cisco and its partners can aspire to do.

Rob invited the partners to participate in the breakout session to learn more about the business opportunities that result from Cisco’s innovation in cloud reference architectures based on Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and new cloud services.

Chris Young – Security

Chris, Cisco SVP Security Group, hopped onto stage next and pointed out that none of what was talked about today happens without security. The ability to connect from anywhere, with any device, brings a whole new set of attack vectors into the equation. Chris pointed out that we no longer live in a world where we all operate on a trusted network continually. We have to bring security to all devices and to all people.

Along with the pace of change in the IT industry as a whole, the pace of change in the threat landscape has picked up too. Chris said, “We now face organized crime, targeted data breaches, and nation-state attacks. Our threats are more sophisticated, more creative and more innovative than we’ve ever seen. Every new step we take is another step for our attackers to come after.”

If you are looking at 50 billion connected devices in the world, you have to think of the threats first. Chris said you have to take an attack mindset, because that’s what is happening in the world today. But you also have to focus on all the stages in security. You can’t simply worry about preventing an attack. You have to plan for what happens before an attack, during an attack and after the attack.

“As an industry we have been focused on what we do before the attack. We try to stop bad things from happening before they happen. But if you pay attention to the industry you have to assume you are always under attack so we have to be better at managing during an attack so we can use metrics like “time to remediation” and time to containment as our new measurable in the future,” Chris said.

Chris wrapped up by asking the partners go after these opportunities. As Cisco delivers the new model for IT, it is the right time for us to deliver the new model for security.

Edzard Overbeek – Services

Edzard, SVP for Cisco Services, was the final talk of the morning, and he kicked things off by reiterating that there is a tremendous opportunity in front of partners. He even pointed back at Rowan’s earlier session to point out some specific examples to partners.

“Look at collaboration, and what Rowan talked about. What if on that device (Rowan’s demo TV on stage) there was an application where we could leverage years of experience and the experience of 2.4 million CCIEs. What if that could be crowd-sourced into a knowledge management service for customers? It could help them capitalize on the knowledge that is already in their companies,” Edzard asked.

Edzard pointed out that services have to move with the speed that the entire industry is moving now. For example, managed energy services cannot just be about things like heating and cooling a data center for cost savings. There has to be full approach to optimizing everything that is connected. Then you can start to focus on larger things that affect people’s lives, like managing lighting across an entire city.

According to Edzard, customers ask “How do I get to cloud? How do I decide between different consumption models?” Services can help move them to models that make sense, and Cisco partners can help them make those decisions, which make us Amazing Together.

Bruce Klein

Bruce wrapped up the General Session by bringing all the executives back on the stage for on last question.

“Based on what you talked about this morning, what is one takeaway for partners?”

Their quick answers were:

Padma – “Cloud, Mobile, IoT work together to build amazing next generation.”

Rowan – “Take another look at collaboration, we are ready to really kick this thing off.”

Edzard – “Those that are smart, get smarter.”

Rob – “You have to change your culture of working together, the old models won’t work as well for cloud.”

Chris  – “Focus on the continuum before during and after the attack.”

Business Transformation Sessions

Cisco partners were able to head out to afternoon Business Transformation sessions this afternoon and we were able to capture some of the sentiment from those sessions in the featured tweets below:

Driving Growth Through Cloud Innovations

Cisco provides a relevant solution around hybrid cloud, which is what clients are asking for. #ciscops14

Delivering Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Cisco InterCloud

@dyarashus: Key Cisco InterCloud points: it supports choice, consistency, control, and compliance #ciscops14

Monetizing the New Security Model

@stockmand: Great morning security session from @youngdchris  Now let’s drill into @cisco new security model!! #ciscops14

Achieve Amazing with Collaboration

@densullivan: Is it a Webex? Is it a TelePresence? No, it’s both! Rowan Trollope bringing the vision of Browser to the Boardroom a reality at #ciscops14

Maximize Your Internet of Everything Opportunity with Cisco Services

@rebbell: The opportunity with IoE is mind-blowing. Services is how we will get there @nearle #ciscops14

Cash in on the Midmarket Opportunity

Midmarket is a huge opportunity and a strategic big bet. Embrace. Embed. Evolve

Transform and Grow Your Enterprise Networking Practice with Business Relevant Solutions

Enterprise networking solutions expands to selling beyond IT, directly into customers’ lines of business.

Accelerating Profits Through ISVs and the Connected Partner Ecosystem

@philcalz: Next session on ISV. This is another growth opportunity for @nextnetpartners #ciscops14

Monetizing the Internet of Things

@ashrafseddeek: Full house attendance at the  Monetizing The Internet of Things session. Compelling opportunity for customers, partners and Cisco #ciscops14

Partner Program Evolution: A New World of Opportunity for Cisco Partners

Kent MacDonald @dkmacdonald Cisco new Gold cert requires 1 Cisco Pwr Cloud + Mgmt Service 2 thumbs up @LongViewSystems #ciscops14 @Cisco

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We’re looking forward to lots more information that will be shared tomorrow, the final day of Cisco Partner Summit. It’s been a great week so far, with a wealth of information!

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