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Cisco Partner Summit 2012 Day Three Recap: Innovation is ‘King’, Free Jabber Takes World by Storm

- April 18, 2012 - 0 Comments

Day Three of Partner Summit kicked off to a bouncing beat: Following a thumping performance by C2C, a group of world champion music DJs, SVP Edison Peres took to the stage to congratulate yesterday’s Olympic trip winners and kick off the day’s theme of Innovation.

He then introduced Padmasree Warrior, CTO and Cisco’s co-leader of Engineering, who opened her presentation with a bold statement: “We are on the verge of the most change this industry has seen in several decades.” She then explained how emerging global economies combined with technology advances are resulting in changing business models, and that the intelligent network is at the heart of innovation.

One such innovation is Cloud Connect, a new software platform the company will soon launch for enhancing cloud deployments, increasing cloud security, and simplifying cloud-based operations. Plus, customers can leverage the software to build applications customized for their own requirements.

But what does all this mean for partners? Why more opportunities, of course. To view Padma’s complete presentation, including a demo of iPad authenticating via Cisco ISE to Cisco Quad, check out the replay on Virtual Partner Summit.

Also check out this video–we spoke with partners today to hear from them what it’s like to be a Cisco partner and what’s standing out for them at this year’s Partner Summit.

And don’t miss today’s other big announcements, including Jabber for Everyone,  recaps of several of today’s Business Transformation breakout sessions, how to win an iPad, and more!

Jabber for Everyone: A Powerful New Go-to-Market Approach
Barry O’Sullivan, SVP, Collaboration and Communications Group, shared Cisco’s vision of a workspace that is more mobile, social, visual, and virtual than ever before. Supporting this new way to work is Cisco Jabber, the company’s client that transcends location, device, and platform. The big news you ask? Jabber for Everyone.

Jabber for Everyone lets partners enable Jabber instant messaging and TelePresence on every device their customers have across the enterprise. And what’s the licensing cost? With this offer, partners can offer Jabber on-premise licenses for $0 to all end-users, regardless of what devices they use. Zero. Nada. Nothing. With this new go-to-market approach, partners, like you, can offer Jabber on-premise licenses at absolutely no cost, regardless of what devices your customers use.

This creates an opportunity for you to extend collaboration to every employee within the enterprise—far beyond their current UC installed-base footprint. And you know what this means? With Jabber as a starting point, you can more easily accelerate sales, win the desktop—and deliver the new collaboration workspace for customers.

Is it any wonder why there were cheers from the audience? Check out Barry’s blog for additional details.

A few of our favorite Tweets about the Jabber announcement:

‘Work, Your Way’—The Future of Work is Here
Wendy Bahr, SVP of the Global and Strategic Partner Organization, made the second announcement of the day—the Unified Workspace. This new market category takes advantage of a an approach that let users work the way they want with the type of device they prefer. Essentially, Cisco is facilitating the transition from the “workplace”—you know, being chained to your desk—to the “workspace.”

“We’ve unified the network, we’ve clearly unified communications, we’ve unified compute, we’ve unified fabric, and now we have the opportunity to unify the workspace,” says Wendy. But what does this mean to customers?

Wendy explained that there are three key roles in Cisco’s customer installed base—the employee, the CIO, and the CEO. Freedom, productivity, and flexibility are top of mind for employees. For the CIO, they’re tasked with driving the business and enabling employee productivity—in an environment that is constantly changing. And the CEO, well, it’s the bottom line, right? Speeding innovation, ensuring operational efficiencies, that sort of thing.

But how to meet the challenges and demands of each role? The Unified Workspace. It leverages Smart Solutions, including VXI, which is a combination of VDI and rich media low latency apps like voice and video, and BYOD, which provides the flexibility for employees to use any device they prefer in the workplace. “This provides partners with the ability to sell cross-architecturally,” said Wendy, “which expands the amount of opportunity and increases sales.”

Business Transformation Session—Accelerate Your Competitive Edge with Cisco’s Partner Plus
In the Partner Plus breakout session hosted by VP Andrew Sage, Andrew called out the huge $61B opportunity available to partners looking to target the small and mid-size market. In discussing the details around Partner Plus, Senior Director Bridget Bisnette said the partner-led model enables partners to “have a personal relationship with a company that doesn’t have IT as a core competency.” Andrew told the partners in attendance that the customer intelligence available in Partner Plus will allow partners to “fish in a barrel rather than fish in an ocean.”

Business Transformation Session—BYOD and Beyond: It’s Not About the Device, It’s About Delivering the Next-Generation Workspace
In today’s BYOD transformational breakout session, we heard from Mike Rau, VP, Competitive Sales Strategy, who provided info about Smart Solutions, which were announced at Partner Summit today. He talked about the key elements of Smart Solutions, which can be built over time and have a natural lifecycle. Smart Solutions are officially launching in July.

Business Transformation Session—Cisco Services Partner Program
The Cisco Services Partner Program breakout session gave greater detail on the new services program that was announced yesterday at Partner Summit. Instead of 47 different programs as it was prior, the new Cisco Services Partner Program is one globally consistent services program that now aligns with the rest of worldwide channels. Key advantages of the new program include: profitability, growth, differentiation and simplifying the process of working with Cisco. Sales leads from the various theaters also joined the conversation to discuss how the new program is being deployed across their respected regions.

Business Transformation Session—Evolution of the Partner Program Portfolio
The Evolution of the Partner Program Portfolio breakout session, hosted by Senior Director Ricardo Moreno, focused on how we’ve optimized partner programs after hearing key learnings from partners. He detailed some of the initiatives unveiled yesterday on the main stage around ease of doing business. Ricardo also outlined four key components: architecture specializations, the new Cloud Managed Services Program, Partner Plus Incentives for mid market, and TIP.

Business Transformation Session—Winning with Cloud
Susheel Chitre, Director, Cloud GTM, and Gary Wolfson, sales business development manager, Technology GTM, gave an informative presentation to partners during the Winning with Cloud Business Transformation breakout session. Susheel kicked off the session and gave partners a view into Cisco’s Cloud partner focused go-to-market strategy and the evolution and benefits of the various tracks in the Cisco Cloud Partner Program. Gary Wolfson also took the stage to cover Partner-Led Cloud Services.

Susheel then announced the Cloud Marketplace—a brand new program for cloud partner providers to highlight their services, videos, or whatever they want on their very own microsite on Partners will have the flexibility update their microsite whenever and with whatever they want. The page even includes a link for customers to request more information—a certain lead generator. Cloud Marketplace will be available ten weeks from now.

Note: All Business Transformation sessions will be posted on Virtual Partner Summit at 9:00 am PST on 4/19.

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In closing, Padma told partners that, “We believe in partnering for innovation. We believe innovation not just allows us to lead markets, but to make markets. We believe we have to make markets to drive the shift in the industry for the future. We’re in it to win it, and we’re in it to win it with all of you.”


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