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Cisco Partner Plus and the Cisco Power Ecosystem

December 17, 2014 - 0 Comments

As I mentioned in my last blog on The Cisco Partner Ecosystem in the midmarket, I wanted to take just a bit of your time in December to give you a little expanded information on the Cisco Partner Plus Program. As we near the holidays and we will all be taking some much needed time to relax with friends and family, know that you are a vital part of The Cisco Partner Ecosystem and this is another way that Cisco can really help you win in the midmarket space.

Just like I said last month, I cannot stress enough that it’s not just “big business” that powers the economic engine globally. The midmarket space has increasing IT demands and even more limited resources than their enterprise siblings. We offer a great deal of help to Cisco partners in the midmarket space, but the Partner Plus Program helps you:

  • Prepare, build and expand
  • Generate demand and increase sales
  • Enjoy your success through rewards and incentives

We want you to be a successful part of The Cisco Partner Ecosystem and the Cisco Partner Plus Program helps ensure you get the support you need from us in order to succeed. Partner Plus offers increasing levels of benefits as you move from Partner Plus Aspire to Partner Plus Prestige and all the way up to Partner Plus Elite.

Partner Plus Aspire

At the Partner Plus Aspire level Cisco helps you build a strong foundation by expanding your skills and midmarket expertise. You will have access to the resources on our midmarket partner website. You will also engage directly with Cisco and Cisco Authorized Distributors to help you take full advantage of all benefits. Aspire level benefits help you:

  • Close more deals with Sales Excellence training, tools and pre-sales support
  • Create new opportunities using marketing campaigns

Partner Plus Prestige

At the Partner Plus Prestige level you will receive all the same benefits as Partner Plus Aspire. In addition, you will:

  • Expand your midmarket business with our help and Cisco Authorized Distributors.
  • Receive Cisco supported pre-sales support through Cisco Authorized Distributors.
  • Take advantage of Cisco marketing experts, trainings, and resources.
  • Launch full-service marketing programs and campaigns with us and Cisco Authorized Distributors.
  • Use our customer intelligence analytics for cross-sell, up-sell, and last-day-of-support opportunities.
  • Receive Cisco-generated leads and prospects including customer wallet share and propensity to buy.
  • Earn tangible returns when your company meets and exceeds revenue growth targets.
  • Get recognition and rewards for your individual sales representatives.

Partner Plus Elite

At the Partner Plus Elite level you will receive all the same benefits as the Aspire and Prestige levels. In addition, you will:

  • Use virtual wallet funds for demand generation and enablement activities.
  • Access escalated second-level presales support through Cisco Partner Help Plus.
  • Receive professional marketing strategy, planning, and execution services.
  • Gain rewards for your sales representatives with Cisco Rewards.
  • Qualify to attend Cisco Winner’s Circle with our executives.

There is a large opportunity available in the midmarket. Cisco is committed to helping you win it and the Partner Plus Program is one of the ways we can really step you through midmarket. If you can commit to working with us, we can help you grow your midmarket business.

The Cisco Partner Plus program is a vital piece to help create The Cisco Partner Ecosystem. We can put you at the center of these opportunities and The Cisco Partner Ecosystem can connect you to advanced architectures, solutions, software, and services. How appealing is that to you?

Let me know how you think we are doing with programs such as Cisco Partner Plus. I’m always interested in your feedback. If I don’t hear from you before the latter part of December, I hope you all have some time set aside for friends and family at the holidays and I’ll see you again in the New Year!

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