Co-authored by Carole Gridley


We are thrilled to bring you another update on the vital work that has taken place through Connected Conservation. This joint initiative between NTT Ltd. (formerly Dimension Data) and Cisco, began as an effort to conserve the rhino population in Africa through the implementation of strategic smart technology solutions.

The latest development is an extension of the solution into six conservancies in Northern Kenya, all dedicated to protecting endangered species and improving local communities. The conservancies are vast, covering over 200,000 acres of land, and containing 14% of Kenya’s rhino population. With our cutting-edge technologies, the management team on the ground monitor the conservancies and track all of the animals that call this land home, including elephants, lions, gerenuk, and giraffe, as well as over 200 rhino that are gradually rebuilding their depleted population.

Not only has this initiative allowed personnel on the ground to utilize their time and resources more effectively through secure, long-range, low-power wireless technology, but it has led to a drop in poaching and illegal trespassing. Additionally, the management team on the ground are able to leverage this smart technology to keep detailed records of animal movements and occurrences throughout the entire property without tagging the animals, a previously impossible feat.

View the new video, “Case Study: Connected Conservation and NTT Ltd. Are Creating a World Where Animals Roam Free,” to see how the Cisco and NTT Ltd. partnership has transformed the way conservation teams are helping protect animals in the conservancies and respond to unauthorized disturbances and trespassing. The technology is creating safe havens for the animals while enabling safer communities for the locals and providing new employment opportunities.

Connected Conservation mirrors the dedication to innovation we deliver our clients and is a shining example of how we disrupt and define The Art of Possible. We hope that this video provides an authentic glance into exactly how we’ve chosen to go “all in” to create a safer, more prosperous, and sustainable world for future generations.

When we work together, we are truly capable of building a future that is better and brighter for all.

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